Do You Know the Herbal Remedies for Anxiety?

Usually the anxiety is the result of exaggerated worry about day to day events which are not having any specific reasons to worry. The person suffering from anxiety always expects disaster in their life and they can’t stop to worry due to this problem. They always worry about the things which are related with their life and in negative way. They always worry about health, money, school or family work. It is also termed as GAD. In this condition the people often worry about the happenings which are out of proportion for the situation or unrealistic. They always remain in the state of worry, fear, and dread. It affects the work of day to day life and even the relationships.

The common causes of anxiety are genetics, brain chemistry and also the environmental factors. If there is a family history of anxiety then there are chances of developing anxiety. It is also caused if there are some disturbances in the neurotransmitters so that it doesn’t work properly or has become imbalance. Some environmental factors are also responsible for anxiety like stress. If someone is addicted to certain things and he has withdrawn the addiction of certain product like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc then also he may suffer from anxiety.

Some of the main symptoms of anxiety are feeling trouble in sleeping, facing difficulty in concentrating, excessive tiredness, trembling, nausea, feeling of urination or bowel movement frequently, excess sweating, problem due to unrealistic view, feeling of being edgy and restlessness, tension in muscles, severe or mild headache, irritability and excessive ongoing worry and tension.

Herbal treatments also suit to the problem of anxiety. There are no side effects while using the herbal remedies. Some of the important herbal remedy for anxiety:

1. Intake of fennel tea reduces the anxiety by reducing the upset of gastrointestinal. You will get relief from anxiety if you are making a regular use of this herbal tea.

2. Catnip tea also reduces the anxiety. If you are making regular use of catnip tea then it helps in relieving the anxiety and also gives soothing effect.

3. Motherwort tincture helps to boost up our mood and reduce the anxiety. It is also available in the form of capsules which stabilizes the emotions and gives calming effect.

4. Skullcap capsules or tincture helps in easing the depression. It also restores the emotional stability and set the people free from anxiety. Herbal oils are also available to reduce anxiety.