Do You Know the Facts on Hoodia?

For your convenience I have done the dirty work on the popular hoodia gordonii plant from South Africa. Discover extremely basic and hard-to-find facts on this incredible appetite-reducing plant so you’ll know how to benefit from it. Below you’ll may read these facts.

1. Plants belonging to the Hoodia family are African cacti.

2. Hoodia is a rare plant which is now on South Africa’s list of endangered species.

3. Hoodia gordonii contains a molecule that effectively kills your appetite by making your brain think that you are full; it’s a natural appetite suppressant.

4. Benefits of hoodia: You will consume less, feel fuller, feel less hungry, and gain a higher chance of not adding weight; hoodia can even fight obesity–if used properly.

5. In addition, hoodia is known to improve your mood and boost your energy level.

6. 100% pure hoodia contains no Ephedra, stimulant, or caffeine.

7. To date, real hoodia has no known side effects. One might experience negative side effects ONLY by misusing hoodia. So take hoodia as recommended. (Follow the instructions on how to take hoodia that are found in the FAQs page.)

8. Studies have proven that tested volunteers effortlessly experienced a significant reduction from 1000 to 1,500 calories from their daily diet when taking hoodia and without going or feeling hungry.

9. Some pet owners have even tested hoodia gordonii on their “overweight” dogs and discovered that they REFUSED to eat! Hoodia works on people and animals.

10. It can take from five to seven years in order for the hoodia plant to grow to maturity; but modern harvesting techniques are helping to make hoodia take less time to grow.

11. The hoodia gordonii plant grows in the most inhospitable areas–semi deserts– of Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

12. With the right conditions hoodia can be one of the easiest plants to grow; it requires no special care or handling such as ideal ph, potting mix, insecticide, sterilization, herbicide, or fertilizer.

13. Hoodia’s growth rate is amazingly high; farmers have claimed nearly as high as 100%.

14. The hoodia plant merely requires a dash of rainfall for its seeds to germinate.

15. Hoodia may actually survive flooding and even prolonged periods of drought.

16. Almost any parts broken off from a hoodia plant will root with no trouble.

Of course, there are more facts on hoodia gordonii; these are only the mere basic ones.