Do You Know the Dangers of Drugs You Use?

The native American Indian before Columbus lived a healthy lifestyle. He had no doctor other than the witch doctor, but managed to live to old age and even kept all hs teeth. His pharmacy consisted of the trees, plants and animals that he lived among. Today we call those times an ignorant age. But were they as ignarant as we believe?

Our focus today is to treat every problem with a pill. There’s even a company that promisses you’ll grow taller by taking a few little pills. If we’re feeling sick, the quickest route to getting better is to head to the doctor’s office for a prescription.

While we may feel enlightened about the advancements of modern medicine, we find ourselves sicker than we were 40 years ago. All of the advancements don’t seem to have made us any healthier. The causes can’t be put down to just an aging population.

Part of the problem is due both to our disregard about our own health and a lifestyle that does little to maintain health.

By nature we are creatures of action. A sedentary lifestyle works against that inherent instinct. What you eat and how active you are goes a long way toward establishing a healthy lifestyle. Our ancestors may have had shortened lifespans due to lack of understanding of viruses and disease, but they were active throughout their lives. None of them ever had access to a pharmacy, nor a doctor willing to treat their symptoms simply by whipping out a prescription pad.

Drugs are NOT the miracle cures we have been led to believe. And we are sicker because we remain ignorant of the medications we put in our bodies.

Drugs today are too easily prescribed and often for the wrong reasons. It’s understandable that doctors are overwhelmed by the amount of patients they see on a daily basis. Mistakes are likely to be made based on a quick and incomplete diagnosis. Even if the doctor determines what it is that is making you ill, he’s too quick with that prescription and rarely suggests an alternative, such as lots of rest and, of course, a complete lifestyle change.

By their nature drugs are invasive. The old adage that there is no such thing as a safe drug is as true today as it was 50 years ago. We all know that cigarette smoking is bad for health. Cigarette smoke contains a plethora of harmful chemicals. Based on this, drugs too are made of chemicals that are unnatural. Long term use of any drug is likely to lead to health problems despite what the doctors may say about their safety. The side effects can be worse than the cure.

Drugs can only treat the effects. The basic cause of what’s making you ill is never addressed. Everything in life is cause and effect. As an advanced society we are uneducated when it comes to providing the information that would help us stay healthy. The cause of your illness is ignored in favor of a quick fix to relieve the problem. Most drugs only mask the problem. You are still sick, though you may feel well.

To a great extent, drugs DO NOT do what they are designed to do. In the past decade the news has been filled with incidents of high school and college youths on a rampage, killing students and teachers alike. Remember the Columbine massacre? The two youths that did the killing were on anti-depressant drugs. One would imagine that such drugs would make the patients taking them, docile. That’s not the case. The fact is that anti-depressants often lead to violent tendencies, suicide and bizarre behavior. The name doesn’t fit the description of these drugs.

Take statin drugs for another example. Supposedly they reduce your cholesterol levels. Yes they do, but at a price. Fact is that people who take statins and have a normal cholesterol level are dying over those with elevated cholesterol levels. Tests have clearly shown that statins rob the heart of CoQ10 an important element required for proper hear functioning. After a few years of statin drug use, your heart becomes weak and you suffer a heart attack, just what the drug is supposed to prevent! Does your doctor tell you to supplement with CoQ10? No! There’s no money in dispensing that information. Beyond this is the fact that there are far more serious concerns than just cholesterol. Testing your homocystein levels is far more important, but rarely done.The only reason it isn’t done is because there are no drugs to treat it. Rest assured as soon as a drug is on the market, the medical establishment and the media will be quick to tout the benefits of having your homocystein levels checked!

How much do you know about the side effects of the drugs you are taking? Is your doctor concerned about you taking statins to inform you of this important point? Likely the answer is no. It is your duty to take control over your health and find out what your prescribed medication will or will not do for you! Your health safety should overide all other concerns including your doctor’s. Just look at the history of drugs such as Vioxx, Avandia and many others.

If you need yet another reason why drugs are dangerous consider that drugs are promoted only for their profit value. Our whole health system is centered on profits, not your health. As long as you get sick and stay sick, big pharma can make big profits. Ignorance is bliss where they are concerned. Big Pharma spends billions to lobby the government to relax rules so more can get prescribed on their medication.

Drugs have their place, but should be used as a last resort and not the first as they are currently promoted. Honesty in the profession should be paramount but is forgotten in favor of profits.

If you take drugs, you should arm yourself with knowledge and ask yourself if drugs are really the answer to your health concerns. Chances are a lifestyle change will be less painful than any drug prescriptions. .