Do You Invest Your Time Or Spend Your Time?

As you get older you realize how quickly time goes by. Years seem to scamper past and suddenly the kids are fully grown, the mortgage has been paid off and you wonder how it all happened. You remember those long summers which you experienced as a child; days which seemed to go on and on forever. And yet now, several years can seem to pass in what seems to be a shorter period of time.

It’s easy to look back and wonder what you have done with your life. In hindsight you can decide whether you did spend your time wisely or not. But at the time when life is happening, you can get so tied up in the trivia of daily life that you forget to plan for the really important things. You write a list when you go shopping for groceries, or one when you are packing to go on holiday. But do you write down the most important things?

Do you write down things like showing appreciation and love to your spouse every day? Do you plan to enjoy preparing meals or walking the dog, or do you just do these things? Do you spend quality time with your parents or grandparents? Many things get lost at the back of your mind as you focus on certain things which seem so very important at the time. But are they really that important? Have you got your priorities right?

If you haven’t prioritized then you may look back and think that you have wasted an awful lot of time. To spend time identifying what is most important to you and planning to invest in those things is time spent well; it is time being invested in the things which feel worthwhile to you.

The very most important thing to invest in, most people will agree, is your close relationships. Other things matter a lot as well, but rarely does anything affect your happiness and well-being as much as your closest relationships do. And yet many of us will hold up our hands and admit that these relationships are frequently taken for granted. Often your relationship has become stale and mundane before you realize that there is something amiss.

Anyone can re-generate love in their relationship so long as they wish to do so and focus upon doing so. It may take a little time and effort, but it is a good investment and the effort isn’t really that great when you stop to think about it. Surely it’s not a hardship to reach out and stroke your spouse’s hand from time to time, or to focus a smile into their eyes, is it? Or to go to bed earlier than usual with the intention of snuggling up close together? Or cuddling on the sofa whilst watching a movie?

That love can be re-ignited so easily by doing very simple things, but the first step is to want to do it; after that it’s easy. It doesn’t really take time or effort, merely thought. Good relationships are based upon thoughtfulness. Even a flagging libido is energized simply by thought. Thinking about the washing up and the kids school run isn’t going to turn you on. But thinking about your spouse, the way they look, and smell and feel…that’s a good way in which to get your libido going once again.

Hypnosis can speed up these mental shifts; hypnosis provides access to your subconscious mind, which is that part that acts instinctively and automatically. With hypnosis you can focus your mind instinctively and automatically upon your relationship and re-generate the love that has been waning and increase your libido as well.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, well-being and happiness.