Do you have smelly breath? If so, what can you do about it?

Nearly all people are concerned about having bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, as shown by the colossal sales of breath fresheners. However, it is not easy to figure out whether you have it or not. There is in reality a psychological condition called delusion of halitosis or halitophobia, in which people have an unshakeable belief that their breath stinks, although in fact it does not. Their lives are absolutely dominated by their ‘bad breath’ and they are not amenable to reason.

If you believe that you have terrible breath, it is worth finding out what the true situation is. Some cities around the country have started what they are calling “Fresh breath centers.” These centers calculate the smelly chemicals in your breath by a ‘halimeter’.

There are different ways of deciding whether you have bad breath, such as the following:
1-If your gums bleed you will normally have bad breath
2-If your gums are swollen and red you will normally have bad breath.
3-You can breathe into a bag and smell the air
4-You can place a cloth in your mouth on tongue and take it out and let it dry, then smell it.
5-Lick your upper arm, let dry for four seconds and smell.
6-Buy a breath kit at the pharmacy
7-If you smoke
8-Ask your dentist
9-Ask your friends or partner.

Different types of breath
1-Morning breath
2-Smokers breath
3-Food breath
4-Bad stomach breath
5-Bad mouth care breath
6-Fasting breath
7-Post nasal drip breath
8-Certain herbs and mineral breath

What to do about bad breath
1-Go to the dentist
2-Brush and care for your teeth
3-Buy a tongue cleaner
4-Use mouthwash
5-Stop smoking
6-Do after eating mouth care
7-Chew sugar free gum
8-Use bad breath products

There are many reasons to consider whether you have bad breath or not. It is important in work situations and personal relationships to have good breath. Please click on the link and find out the details of bad breath and how to rid yourself of it. Be confident when you smile and lean in close to whisper that you are not making them turn their noses up in distaste.