Do You Have Fear and Anxiety?

If you want to change the level of your health, here’s what you have to understand.

Most illness comes from emotional or stressful conditions that we activate from within ourselves. This includes, of course, fear and anxiety. The job we have and the people we know or live with only serve to trigger specific feeling that you are sensitive to and this activates your fear, anxiety or stress. Anxiety and stress are a force that works on your body, organs or cells causing malfunction and deterioration. Stress creates acid that resides in your cells and in your lymph liquid that surrounds your cells.

An acid body breeds sickness such as cancer. Cancer thrives in an acid body Pathogens live and multiply in an acid body. Acid breaks down cell structures and tissue.

The food you eat can contribute to an acid body or an alkaline body. Processed food creates acid in your body. Raw food reduces acid in your body and brings the state of your body to an alkaline condition.

So here is a start for you if you are interested in changing the level of your health.

Learn how to relieve stress and relax more frequently. You can do this by exercising, by working with a psychotherapist, and by using various brain relaxation tapes. You can do it by bring in more love into your life.

Learn what type of food you need to eat that will not create a lot of acid in your body. It is ok to eat acid foods but they have to be balance with alkaline foods.

Use natural remedies to relieve various conditions that you have so that you can get back to into balance. Then work on relaxation and eating naturally.

If you are on drugs start investigating how you can back off from these drugs and what alternative remedy there is that can partly take the place of your drug. Drugs create an acid body and destroy tissue.

Fear and anxiety come from suppressed traumatic memories or cellular memories, which are the cause of most diseases. What are suppressed traumatic memories and what do they do.

Well let first let me explain a little about how the body works. Under natural conditions, a cell moves in nutrients and releases toxic waste. In the cell it burns these nutrients to provide with you with energy, for repairing itself, splitting and creating new cells and performing all other functions that keep it and you healthy.

How a cell function is determined by the autonomic system. In this system, we have the para-sympathetic system and the sympathetic system. When your body is under the para-sympathetic mode, your cells and body are functioning normal and has a strong immune system to heal itself.

Under the sympathetic mode, your body is acting as if it is under attack and blood is pull from your organs and other areas that don’t need much blood and is moved to the muscles so that you can deal with the attack. This attack is typical a dangerous or life threatening situation.

Body cells under the sympathetic mode are not functioning normal. Less blood is flowing in this area means less nutrients going into the cell and less toxic matter coming out of the cell. This is the condition that produces disease.

Now here is important information that brings all this together. Many people feel that they are under a condition of constant attack – feeling fear and anxiety – even though they really are not. In this feeling of attack they express it as fear, stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy, and all types of negative behaviors.

People are typically under the sympathetic mode in which they are in automatic fight or flight mode. They are not even conscious of this because this is normal for them. Well, this is the condition where disease is created. When disease sets in, the cells cannot heal this disease since its immune system is weak and its cellular strengthen is gone from lack of nutrients and a build up of toxic wastes in the cells.

Stress and anxiety creates disease and all though history, people have been told to have some sort of stress management program such as exercise, yoga, psychotherapy, drugs, laughing, or any movement program.

Most people don’t bother having a so called stress management program because they have no way of monitoring it to see if their stress is decreasing and doing these programs takes time.

So work on your health and eat more alkaline foods and start on a stress reduction program.