Do you get what you want all the time?

The mere fact that the law of attraction constitutes the need or want for something shows how important the word, “want” is to your success. However, some people don’t like to use the word “want” because it may make them seem too vulnerable.

The law of attraction without the word, “want” will not work. There must be a need for something. In other words, attraction by itself is ineffective.

It may be that some people envision “want” as not having something or being without or lacking something. Words are vital to the law of attraciton because each of us see words differently.

An example is the word, “work,” which may allot excitement in one person because they love to work, but negativity in someone else who is lazy and does not like to work”job” may be exciting for some people who love their career and yet it might cause some people to think negative thoughts of possibly slavery if you mention the word, “job” to them. Working for someone will emanate strong feelings of rejection. Words can appear negative to one person and positive to the next.

Here are a few situations below. Take a look at them and think about whether you are thinking negative thoughts or not.

Take notice that the words are exactly the same.

Situation # 1 – You see something that you long for. However, you start to have thoughts that you are unable to have it. In the same instance, you speak out aloud and in a very doubtful voice, “I really want this.” The question now is, what vibration are you sending out?

Situation #2 – You are desiring to have something special and suddenly see what you desire. With excitement, you decide and make it known loudly that you want one. What kind of feelings do you have in this case?

They are both the same needs, but one is filled with doubt and the other is spontaneous because you have been thinking about it for a while, so when you see what you want, you readily agree that this is what you want.

The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with your actions toward what you are feeling in making them real. Your feelings are very important to teh words that you say and the thoughts that you think. It is also not being afraid to embrace your desires.

Even though your words are important, the effectiveness of the law of attraction is how you feel about the words that you use.

Therefore, if someone should tell you not to use the word, “want,” let them know that you know how to make the word work for you. You just might be able to teach them something different and positive.

Copyright (c) 2007 Cheryline Lawson