Do You Feel Like a Victim?

Copyright 2006 Daniel N Brown

Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you often feel overwhelmed, tired, and worn out? Are you in debt? Is there no enjoyment in what you do?

If the answer to any four of these questions is a yes, then ask yourself a simple question. Why am I not living my dream?

I find that most people go through life, just enduring it. They become numb to their problems. Things are just uncomfortable enough to complain, but do nothing about. Joyce Meyer has a saying that says, “Complain, and remain.” I don’t know about you, but I did not want to remain in a dead end job, poor health, lousy marriage, endless bills, and everything else that wanted to steal my joy.

Hopefully, you’re not like a lot of other people who make excuses. All excuses are the same, and one is no better that an another. Excuses are completely useless and only render us completely helpless.

Making excuses and casting blame only make us out to be the victim. There is absolutely no power in playing the part of a victim. I know! I’ve been there… and done that. No one could beat me at the blame game. I was the king of blame because I was the ultimate victim… so I thought.

I always wondered, why did life deal me such a poor hand? Why does everyone else always get all the breaks? If it wasn’t for you I could be successful. Even at one point, I went so far to say that someone put a curse on me.

I eventually took full responsibility for my shortcomings, but it was only after I acknowledged where I was, and why. The truth hurts. I had to admit to myself, and everyone around me, that in some fashion, I caused this. I admitted that I was making excuses and casting the blame. It was a humbling experience, to say the least. But, it was worth it. I’m free!

The answers to most complicated problems are usually simple. Not all, but most. I understand that there are things that are completely out of our control. But, those things are just life and we must deal with them with the best attitude we can muster.

As for the majority of our problems, the first step is to acknowledge our situation. It’s a fact that we can never solve a problem in our lives until we can first acknowledge that we have one. Just consider, maybe you really did make some poor choices that led you to where you are now.

Once you take on the responsibility for your own life you’ll feel liberated and experience new power. God will bring the necessary people and circumstances to come about that will pull you up. Until then, God continues to wait on you to stop complaing, feeling sorry for yourself, and casting blame on other people. He wants you to have faith in Him, knowing that He is more than able to bless you more than you can imagine.

If you sincerely want to move on with your life, you can… if you decide to. Make a decision today and experience the power that comes as a result of taking full responsibility for your life.