Do You Do Article Submissions for Quick Traffic?

I’ve been doing article submissions for over 4 years and this is a major source of traffic for me. So, I know this works. Now, there is a lot of confusion about article marketing and there should not be any; article marketing works and it easy, if you follow a few rules. Article submitting can provide quick traffic, since articles can be published within days. It can provide long term traffic, if your article is published on a website, is put on google’s first page, or published in a newsletter.

However there are a few things that you need to know about submitting articles to article directories, so that you have the most success possible with these directories.
Start with 10 original Articles. Don’t start with one or two articles. This can be a waste of your resources. Have each article rewritten with 30 to 40 % new content. Make sure each paragraph has some different words. You will end up with 20 articles. Now, over 2 weeks submit these articles to 120 directories.

Make sure each article has a different title and two anchor links in the bio or resource box. All directories accept 2 links in the bio. Some directories accept 3 links in the bio but use only two so you don’t get rejected by the ones that only accept 2.

I see a lot of anchor text or link text as the URL. Don’t use as your link. Use the html code with your keyword as the link: <---****HYPERLINK****--->“”>Keyword

Most directories will not approve you within a day. The quickest is probably within two to three days. Most take about one to two weeks and even longer. I have seen articles take two months or longer to get approved. Now this is a good thing. If you were to submit 20 articles to 120 directories with one link in the resource box you would get 2400 links to your site. Imagine if all of these directories approved your articles within three days. This would not be good for your google approval.

After article submissions are completed, it takes Google up to four months to update its data to produce a new ranking for your website. In the meantime, your article can appear on the first page of google through the article directory within a week, if your article has good keyword density and if there is not much competition for that keyword.

Your article could be picked by other website owners, newsletters, or blogs. This will give you increase traffic, if this happens. You will also get traffic from people who read your article in the article directories.

So, if you’re planning to do article submitting, consider using an article submissions service. This will allow you to take 20 articles and have them submitted to 100 to 150 directories. If you plan to do this yourself, than set aside 45 – to 50 hours to submit 20 articles to 100 directories. To do this you need computer software that goes to each site so you can auto fill the article form.

There are low cost submitting services that you can use; you just have to do some research to find them. Low cost services are not always the best choice in doing business. They can produce low quality service and give you little customer support.