Do You Believe Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Websites Exist?

While you are looking for reverse cell phone services, you may be asking one question to yourself if there is any free lookup service available on the internet. People generally believe that you can get any type of information online for free. They get frustrated when they found that there is no free lunch. Does this rule apply to reverse cell phone lookup as well?

Let us consider first what does phone number lookup mean. If you just have a fixed landline phone number but do not have any idea that number belongs to and you wish to find out its location, you can do reverse lookup in order to find this information. Of course this can be very useful whenever you want to get back your lost contact but only have phone number in record, or you just want to verify ownership of that number before making wrong call. You may find many such places where you may do commercial and residential phone lookups on the internet for free, even those toll-free numbers.

However you may face a problem when you wish to do reverse lookup on cell phones as those free directories do not have databases for such numbers. Nor do they contain fax numbers as that information is strictly held by private carriers and telecommunications companies. Do these databases exist and are available free?

The good news is that there are many websites that claim offering a large number of cell phone numbers for free but they are not actually free. These websites require subscription or small payment to give access to their databases and they put in considerable efforts in pulling data from various resources, and therefore you are required to pay some small fee to have access to lookup their databases. However, such fee is a one-time payment and with few websites you can do as many searches as you want because you have access, while others may offer a single lookup for less pay. Their claims to offer include details of cell owner, residential address history, their carrier details and status of phone connection. It is noteworthy that you may find differences in the databases offered by individual company to some extent but most of them do include cell phones, residential, commercial, toll-free numbers, even pagers, and websites claim your searches are legally guaranteed and confidential.

Further to reverse lookups there are few reputable websites that also provide access to other related information like background, background reports, lost people databases, liens, bankruptcies, public databases including general records for births, deaths, divorces, marriages, adoptions, sex offenders, police records and many others. These sites work in the similar fashion and offer access to only specific type of the information for a fixed fee, but please note that you will not be granted accesses for such information in addition to your membership to cell phone lookup website.

I have observed websites that claim offering free cell lookups, but later they eventually lead to paid websites, thought they do allow people to lookup for free but then charging to see the complete results. The truth is that you will get full reverse cell results only through paid directories. The moral of the story is that there is no free cell phone lookups and they do not exist. However, if you are looking for accurate information then I strongly believe that paying a small fee is worth paying for good results.

Please visit at and type any fixed or mobile number to find if you get the legitimate details. You will also find useful articles on cell phone and resources that cover many aspects of cell phone security, safety and accessories.