Do You Act on Your First Thought or Your Second Guess?

Are you ready…
…to step into your greatness?

One of the characteristics of Greatness is listening to the wisdom within you above and beyond the “shoulds” and the voices outside of you.
Your inner wisdom speaks to you as an idea, impulse or inspiration. It speaks to you in every moment providing answers to your questions, direction and guidance. It is always present.

The ultimate wisdom within is an inner knowing that says “yes, this is just right” or “no, this isn’t exactly right.” It is felt or sensed in a moment.

Think of this inner wisdom as your “first thought.” Your “first thought” is always the best thought. It is the right idea, decision or choice, the inspiration that leads to your best work, the answer you are really looking for, or the guidance that you need in this moment.

“First thought” speaks to you through the still small voice within. The still small voice of “first thought” is the voice of your higher self.

A major difficulty is that we have been trained to look outside ourselves for answers. Looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our lives leads to living outside of ourselves.

To the degree that we live outside ourselves we disconnect from our higher self and develop a small self to manage this unnatural way of living. We lose touch with or distrust the still small voice of “first thought” which comes from within us.

When “first thought” arrives in the moment, the small self goes on alert and immediately begins “second guessing” it. “Try this instead.” “Go back to the drawing board.” “What if you lose?” “What if you are rejected?
“What if you humiliate yourself?” “What if they don’t like you, or your idea?” “What if you make the wrong decision?”

While “second guessing” leads to doubt, insecurity, restlessness and more of the same, “first thought” leads to clarity, confidence, vitality and a greater expression of who you really are.

Learn to recognize “first thought.” Remember that it comes as easily as your breath, speaks through a still small voice and can appear too simple or even unreasonable.

At some point I realized that I get “first thought” information all the time. I hadn’t realized this before because of the way the information comes. Instead of listening I had brushed it off, viewed it as nonsense or didn’t recognize it at all.

Just a few minutes ago I was grappling with which direction to take this article and a passage in a book came to mind. I picked up the book and read the passage. The direction came and the words flowed.

Beware “first thought.” It can take your breath, require that you stretch and may not seem reasonable at all. But if you open yourself to it and its wisdom, you will feel a rightness in your soul.

I have a client who is 62 years old. In the past year she was inspired to become a performing artist doing one-woman shows. I will tell you that this took her breath away and in many ways seemed absolutely ridiculous to her.

However, as she listened it felt right deeply within. She recently performed her first one-woman show. People are already asking for her next one. And she feels more herself and more alive than she ever has.

“First thoughts” guide you into your Greatness. If you are ready to step into your greatness, practice listening to and following “first thoughts.” The still small voice inside you is a voice you can always trust.

“Are you ready?”
Step Into Your Greatness Today…

Follow your first thought!