Do Radar Detectors Work

Do Radar Detectors Really Work?
Anyone who says they “want” a speeding ticket or they’re “thankful” they received one is either crazy or lying.

No one in their right mind wants a speeding ticket! These things cost money and a lot of it. The face value of the ticket is just the beginning. The real price doesn’t reveal itself until an insurance company gets a hold of the violation. Then the real ticket price shows up and does so for several years.

So, how does one go about avoid a ticket? With the exception of always, no matter the circumstance, driving at or below the speed limit, there is no 100 percent guarantee to avoid a ticket. Even then, the best drivers in the world can fall prey to their own humanity at just the right moment, finding themselves with tickets for doing as little as a few miles above the limit.

Radar detectors are employed by many to help them avoid the costly pitfalls of driving. But, do they really work?

The answer is yes, but the reliability does vary depending on make and model, mounting technique, circumstance and the speeds at which a driver is driving.

Let’s take a look at these points:

Make and model – As it is with any piece of electronic equipment, some machines simply work better than others. Here’s where it pays to do a little homework before buying.

Mounting – Make sure to install any radar detectors according to the instructions that come along with the purchase. If the book says put the antenna on the hood or roof, don’t hide it in the trunk and expect perfect results.

Circumstance – Whether a make or model will work also depends a lot on the circumstance of its use. For example, if a cop comes up behind you and turns on a radar or laser gun that wasn’t on before, no detector in the world can save you.

Your speed – If you’re doing 100 in a 45, detector or not, if an officer is around, you’re in big trouble. Inasmuch, it pays to use some common sense behind the wheel. Most speed limits are posted to keep motorists safe and they generally reflect fair speeds. Although most are below what an individual road is rated for, the limits are meant to keep people and property safe. Blatant disregard, such as doing 40 miles over the posted limit, which is more than obvious radar gun or not, is not advisable no matter how good your detection equipment is.

Radar detectors can help good drivers avoid bad situations. They serve as great reminders that police are out there. But they work best when used in combination with common sense. Nothing’s guaranteed in this world.