Do Magnetic Bracelets Ease Arthritis Pain?

If not treated properly and immediately, arthritis could cause the individual to lose control and function of affected joints. Although traditional medications have been long produced to treat arthritis, alternative medications have become increasingly popular nowadays. One such example of the latter is using a magnetic bracelet for arthritis.

Advocates of this particular field of alternative medicine believe that using static magnetic fields provided by permanent magnets attached to certain items in proximity to affected body areas can lead to healing. This branch of medicine is closely related to electromagnetic therapy, with the latter using electromagnetic waves to treat the patient.

Items used for magnet therapy range from various types of jewelry like magnetic bracelets for arthritis to magnetic mattresses and blankets to shoe insoles to straps for your back, ankles, and wrists. Even water has been made “magnetic” to heal individuals of their respective diseases.

Legally Speaking: Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis

The US Department of Food and Drug Administration do not allow any company to make unsubstantiated claims. Included in this category are healing products for magnetic therapy. Any healing claim for conditions and diseases like arthritis, cancer, asthma, and AIDS are considered illegal because magnet therapy still hasn’t been successfully proven to be effective.

Noted Problems about Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic bracelets for arthritis have not been proven to be one hundred percent effective and will continue to be considered so as long as the problems cited below haven’t been solved.

Magnets that are typically used in magnetic therapy products have been discovered as lacking in flux density to provide long-lasting results. Thus, any noted positive effect caused by the product on the user’s blood vessels, bones, organs, and muscle tissues are not at all permanent and will still require complementary help from other medications or treatments.

Critics have pointed out how researchers and other employed individuals in high-energy laboratories and areas experience great exposure to immensely stronger magnetic fields daily, but there is no evidence that suggests them to derive any health benefits from the exposure.

Manufacturers of magnetic therapy products themselves can not agree with each other as to the exact benefits and even usage or SOP for their items.

What Researchers Say about Magnetic Bracelets for Arthritis

A recent British Medical Journal study revealed that magnetic bracelets for arthritis were able to significantly reduce the pain affected individuals were experiencing due to their arthritic hips and knees. The Peninsular Medical School however noted that the said effects could either be due to the magnetic therapy itself or simply a “placebo effect” produced by the user’s trust in the product.

The study had been able to provide supporting data regarding the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. For magnetic bracelets to heal arthritis, then it should be equipped with high strength magnets – anything less than 170mTesla didn’t seem to have any positive effect on a user’s condition. Secondly, existing medications being taken by the user shouldn’t be stopped just because of the use of magnetic bracelet.

The study’s authors nevertheless acknowledged that additional study was needed to make their findings conclusive. Arthritis Research Campaign, who provided funds for another study, states the same. They did not however see any danger if individuals prefer to try out using magnetic bracelets all the same, as part of their self-help process as they weren’t expensive anyway.

More importantly, they were safe to use so there would be no harm at all in trying. The organization at the moment was withholding approval from the alternative treatment, but they expressed interest and encouragement in further studies regarding the efficacy of magnetic therapy.

What Supporters Say about Magnetic Bracelets for Arthritis

Here are reported benefits you can enjoy if you try using a magnetic bracelet to heal arthritic pain.

Benefit #1 Inflammation is the main problem behind arthritis but with a magnetic bracelet, inflammation and swelling of your joints will be significantly reduced by helping your body excrete excess fluids and eliminating other toxins in it.

Benefit #2 Magnetic bracelets help your muscles, organs, and most importantly joints to enjoy better circulation.

Benefit #3 Magnetic bracelets raise melatonin levels inside your body, allowing you to escape arthritic pain by falling asleep more easily.

In the end, it’s your choice – since it’s not expensive and it’s not considered dangerous, it’s up to you to decide whether a magnetic bracelet for arthritis is something you would like try.