“Do” Content Right on Your Dealer Website

When creating a website, the content found on the website is often critically undervalued. Often when the look and feel is established many website developers tend to let content fall to the wayside, filling your dealership’s website with boring, cookie cutter content. This is a critical mistake that can cause many consumers to be disengaged from your website, causing them to leave without learning more about your dealership. The content on your website is your dealership’s online “voice” and it is what will keep your consumers engaged with your website. By filling your website with boring and vague content you are missing your chance to stand out amongst your competition online. A smooth running website with dynamic photos is a good place to start when developing a website, but by placing a lesser emphasis on content, your dealership is making a critical mistake that will result in the loss of consumers online. Read on to see how to “do” content right on your dealer’s website:

Be Personable
The content on your website affords you the chance to stand out from your competitors, which is why it is important to engage your consumers with your content. Using cold, calculated, overly factual language on your website can make consumers bored and will cause them to lose interest with your dealership. When writing content for your website it is important to be personable. Write as if you are trying to have a conversation with your consumers and by doing so you will keep them engaged with your website and dealership. The purpose of your website is to recreate your dealership online and a simple way to do that is to write content for your website that has a personable, conversational tone.

You should structure the content on your website much like how a sales person in your dealership would talk to a consumer, personal and informative. By keeping your text personable you will better able to engage your consumers. Online consumers are much more likely to leave a website if they feel that what they are reading or looking at is boring. But if you keep the content on your website dynamic and personable you will be better able to hold a consumer’s interest online.

Be Engaging
Boring and repetitive content will make consumers leave your website faster than any other element found on your website. The purpose of your content should be to engage your customer, to make them more interested in your dealership and the products and services that you offer. While writing your content you should have your consumer in mind and think about how you would want to be engaged by content on a website. Make the content dynamic, not overly informative but also not intentionally vague.

By making your content engaging you will be more likely to keep consumers on your website. All too often dealership websites present their content in an overly dry format, causing consumers to become disengaged and leave the website. Content on your dealer website should always be informative, but not so much so that the content is only facts and figures. This type of on-site content will cause consumers to leave your website. While writing content for your dealer website make sure it is informative and engages the consumer in a way that will keep them on your site.

Be Dynamic
Unfortunately most dealership websites resemble one another very closely. There is a stock introduction, brief inventory, services and parts sections, and finally a brief ‘about us’ section. As a dealer you should use the content on your website to set you apart from the competition.

While creating the content for your website, remember to remain dynamic. Write in a way that separates you from your competitors and makes your content personable and engaging. Writing in a way that is personable and engaging is dynamic. If you are able to do this, then your website will be better able to retain the consumers that come to your website.

The content on your website should be personable, engaging and dynamic. Often these three elements overlap, but if you try to create the content for your dealership’s website with these three elements in mind, then you will be able to retain consumers online.