Do and Don’ts of Oil Painting

If in case you’re an artist by yourself, you most likely do not need to read this as your would perhaps already be knowing it. The information given here is for the first-time artists to give a basic understanding on do and don’ts of the art reproduction.


1) Apply the oil paint densely, particularly in the foreground to give it a feel so it would stand out as an original oil painting.

2) You need to mix as few colors as probable to get to the preferred outcome. Try to keep it within three colors.

3) When possible in its place of using white to lessen a color, use a color such as lemon yellow or yellow ocher. This would give a less crumbly look and the colors would be cleaner.

4) Blend edges to make softer them in areas, which are in the backdrop and away from the center of interest.

5) Add thick paint to point out highlights such as on rocks, tree foliage etc. Thick paint on a wine bottle in a still life would make it shine more and make a persuasive light reflection.


a) Don’t thin pigment with turpentine, other than usage of linseed oil. However if you require an ink consistency to make thin lines such as three branches etc. this will be the omission since these are only small touches.

b) Do not ever over-mix your colors on your using palette. This would only result into flat and dull areas in your painting.

c) Avoid mixing more than three unlike colors. Be as straight as possible. If you learn the color wheel this would as well be a good help.

Additional Hints:

If in case you add up a very thin layer of linseed oil to your canvas before you start the paint, you would work less trying to stroke the pigment on. This would give you a more workable surface as the paint would slide on. Also you would not require varnishing your painting because it ends up with a shiny look.

Remember that you were the only person that knows the disparity among your palette and a canvas. As far as the pigment is concerned they are both mixing bases, sense you could even mix your paint on either one.