Divorce in the UK

Side by side, for the last five decades or so, social norms have been relaxing and the concept of “individualism” has been gaining strength. All this, along with liberal divorce laws, have ensured that divorce and separation from one’s marriage partner have become routine and no longer raise eyebrows.

In the UK, getting a divorce is quite easy. If both the partners agree to split amicably, the whole process can be wrapped up in a couple of months. The first step in getting a divorce for anyone is to fill up a petition in which they have to list the reason for their seeking a divorce.

The law lays down the various grounds that are acceptable to the court in proving the breakdown of a marriage. Once the petition has been filed in the court, the latter arranges it to be served to the respondent. There are two decrees that have to be obtained for the divorce to become final. Decree Nisi is served first. About six weeks later, the decree Absolute is granted, immediately after which the separation of partners becomes lawfully recognised and they are free to remarry.

There are two ways in which one can go about getting a divorce in the UK. Either one can get it oneself (Do It Yourself Divorces) or outsource the entire process to a lawyer.

DIY Divorces

In these, the clients take care of all the formalities themselves without the intervention of any lawyer. They fill up all the forms themselves, deposit these at the court, take the decrees, make their divorce final and go their separate ways in life. These kinds of divorces are increasingly becoming popular with couples who have absolutely no disputes with each other regarding division of marital assets, maintenance or custody of children. These couples avoid the hefty fee charged by the high-street lawyers for their advice and management.

In recent years, a range of companies have set up shop on the Internet which assist people wanting DIY divorce with all the paperwork at a fraction of the cost of high-street lawyers. These operate only online and rarely meet the client for a face-to-face meeting.

Most of their advice or comments are through email. The clients have to log on to their websites, download legal forms and send them back to them with their signatures for forwarding to the court. The benefits of these divorces are that they are quick and inexpensive and the client does not ever have to visit the court.

Managed Divorces

Managed divorces are those which are finalised with the help of high-street solicitors. The lawyers are needed in these cases because of a dispute among the partners regarding property, maintenance or custody of children. These disputes can turn quite ugly, especially when a lot of money is involved or when both want the children to stay with them. The partner not seeking advice in such a case is seriously disadvantaged compared to the other.

The benefit from these divorces is that the entire process is outsourced to the lawyers and the client is totally guided by their advice. The drawback is, of course, the astronomical fee charged by some of these solicitors which can burn quite a big hole in the pocket. Most of them bill clients by the hour, which can add up to a huge sum.

Quickie Divorce

One of the UK’s most reputed and popular DIY divorce companies is Quickie Divorce. It specialises in uncontested divorce and currently offers the best and most affordable solution in the country for partners looking to separate quickly and with dignity and mutual respect. Under GBP 70, the client can have all the forms that have to be sent to the court completed with expert assistance and advice.

One of the most admired facilities Quickie offers to someone seeking divorce is a unique three-step process that can be used from anywhere in the word to initiate divorce proceedings in less than three minutes! The best is that customers are provided a round-the-clock case tracking facility too so as to know exactly in what stage their papers are.

The popularity and reputation of the company can be judged by the fact that last year alone, over 15,000 people used its services to get a DIY divorce in the UK. Is it any wonder then, that it is the only divorce service provider in the entire country to get an ISO 9001 certification? This achievement sets Quickie apart from the other me-too online companies that offer quick and efficient divorces but fall far short of their tall claims.

Quickie Divorce currently enjoys the top leadership position in the UK uncontested divorce market which does not likely to be challenged soon by any of the other players in the market.