Dissertation Topic

After the final semester of our graduation course many of us pursue a PhD. Degree. The doctoral course requires us to submit a research paper which is called as a dissertation. Choosing a dissertation topic is a challenge because it can make a difference to the grades, if not properly chosen. There are certain basic rules that we need to follow when we are selecting a dissertation topic. We should note that the dissertation topic we are selecting should be original. As many of us are aware that the dissertation topic should help us to bring out facts and prove our arguments. The arguments that we put forth should be within the constraints of the topic. It is advisable that the word count should be within the acceptable limits as given in the guidelines. Select the topic in a way such that you are able to maintain the word count, neither making it too short or long. Structuring your paper at the initial stage is very important because that will help to keep your dissertation within the word limit. As a result you do not have to edit the paper after completion.

Dissertation marks a new era in our academic careers. This is when we are free from the rigors of a strict time schedule and classroom education. We are free to choose our study subject and the timeline for submission of the paper. There are many of us who make a mistake of selecting a topic which is close to our professor’s heart. We need to understand that by choosing such a topic we have nothing new to offer. In all probability there will be nothing new we can offer in our paper. Hence try picking a topic which is reasonably well known to your professor but not their core subject. The topic should also be exciting such that it can keep you engaged for atleast a couple of years.

Within your university there will be contemporary scholars who are pursuing their doctoral courses. You need to check out that your dissertation subject does not overlap with that of other scholars. If there is an overlap you need to ensure that his area of research and yours is different. Searching existing databases for research already done on your subject will help. It will give you a clue as to what is already available and from where you should start your research.

A dissertation will require a valuable one to two years of your precious time. Hence you would definitely love to see your journal published in one of the reputed journals in your subject. Try to ensure that the subject of your dissertation and the contents are good enough to make it to the pages of some established journal. A dissertation paper needs to address a present problem in your area of interest. It should establish you as a scholar of repute in your chosen subject. Choosing an important and interesting subject is the key to completing a successful dissertation.