Discovery of Organizational Culture – Nu Leadership Series

“There are no warlike people – just warlike leaders.”
Ralph Bunche

What’s the big deal about organizational values? Well, let’s explore personal and organizational values interaction. Although each of these variables is independent, there’s clearly a relationship. Obviously, an organization can be corrupt while followers are not. For example, review all of today’s corporate and government scandals; the leaders were scoundrels, not the employees. With this understanding in mind, let us focus on how organizations influence follower’s value systems. Organizational culture relates to the underlying set of key values, beliefs, and norms shared by the workforce. Organizational culture development is amazing since different people have varying values.

In a perfect world, organizational changes are gradual; however, the growing demands of a turbulent, unpredictable environment are causing organizations to make radical and rapid changes. This places a heavy burden on organizational value systems. For example, an organization that advocates employee loyalty finds itself outsourcing its employee core functions. Is it fair to believe that employees may find organizational values hypocritical? This situation places organizational leaders, primarily front line supervisors, in a precarious situation. If not carefully watched by management, this situation could create relational breakdowns.

Therefore, in making changes to technology, procedures, and people, organizations must be careful to maintain this optimum balance in their shifts in values. Walk cautiously with your values. Start today!


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