Discover Your Why

We have come to understand that your network marketing or any kind of business for that matter will grow only as fast as you do. Initially, you need recruiting and training skills. Later, you need time management and organizational skills. Ultimately, however, you will need leadership, communication and empowerment abilities.

You will need to begin by discovering what your ‘why’ is.

Now figuring out what your ‘why’ is is not that difficult, you simply think of what your strongest most emotionally charged reason is for why you want X. In this case, why you want to achieve X status in your network marketing or other business?

However, the difficulty for some is in living their ‘why’, even in remembering it. Simply stating your ‘why’ is not enough, you have to feel it, embrace it, and take daily action to reinforce it.

It has been said time and again, ‘the stronger the ‘why’, the easier the how’. It is soooo true. You need to have something you are working towards; something you want, that will keep you going when things get tough. Your ‘why’ will be your rock, your anchor if you will. You must choose a ‘why’ that will keep you super-charged, this will be a key to your success.

You will want to work with your down line to help them to uncover and focus on their ‘why’ as well. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate event. You can start by having a discussion with them; asking them why is it they want to do this business?, what are they working towards?, and what is the thing that will keep them motivated? When the going gets tough, you can remind them of what they are working towards to keep it alive for them; to motivate them/you to take further action.

To develop others, you must first develop yourself. It’s important that you set aside daily self-development time. For most people, this is best done in the morning; before you start your day. You might meditate, exercise, and listen to inspirational tapes, read anything that helps you grow your mind, body and soul. Set aside this time and stick to it.

Invest in audiotapes, books and videos that help you develop. Keep tapes in your car to play at every opportunity throughout the day. Get a portable cassette player and use it when you go walking or cycling. Always be reading a book or watching an educational or motivational video or listening to an educational or motivational cassette. Do what it takes to keep you FIRED UP!

Also, don’t end your day by watching the late news then going to sleep. Make sure the last input you receive before going to bed is positive, even if it’s just reading one paragraph in an inspirational book.

Many companies or sponsorship lines offer programs that provide positive, inspirational material on a subscription basis. If you’re in such a situation, you are quite fortunate because much of the work of finding and getting good material is already done for you. Sign up right away and make sure your people do as well.

Your Friend,

Monique Briand