Discover Why Goal Setters Succeed And How You Can Too!

What provides focus and aim for our lives? Goals. Goals are Great because they cause us to expand and grow in ways that we never have before. In order to reach our goals we must become better. We must change and grow.

Why do some people work so hard and yet never find success? Why do some people achieve everything and yet seem to hardly work at all?

Everyone has heard the news – goal-setters succeed! Listen to any successful entrepreneur or professional and they all seem to talk about dreams and goals! Not the ones they think about occasionally or just hope for. But these are goals and dreams that have moved them to action and created passion in their lives. Yes, goals can create miracles and accomplishment.

Success is available to everyone. People who have established long-term goals and have worked hard to accomplish them have decided in their minds what they can do in their lives.

So, what is the secret to setting goals? The mind. Everything you want to happen can, if you just put your mind to it.

Is success a dream that lasts for a few hours, and then… puff, it’s gone? No. Set it in your mind that you will accomplish a specific task and then think about it day and night until you find the means to make it real. We become what we think!

The world is constantly changing around us, accepting change and adapting to it can help us strive for success. You can control your mind but not the world around you. Although we do have some control over how change occurs in our lives through the decisions we make, what about the economy, natural disasters, and death? What we can do is take control by adapting to change, and moving forward.

The path to success is not without difficulties. Do not get discouraged and then not take action! People like to discourage others from taking chances, and most of them are probably not successful. Listen to others but decide for yourself what action to take. Remember that success is accomplished by setting goals and then taking action! Anyone can do nothing, but those who are successful have taken action.

The person who thinks about nothing….. becomes nothing.

What do most successful people have? A mentor. Why? A mentor can challenge you while providing the support you need. They can help you determine where you are and where you want to go.

What should a mentor provide?

They should:

1. Help with decisions by providing a different viewpoint.

2. Provide support and accountability.

3. Minimize your effort by offering advice on how to reach your goals

4. Provide a means for you to express your concerns and ideas while helping to provide solutions that are not so obvious.

How can you begin?

1. Understand fully that we become what we think. We must take control of our thoughts if we want to take control of our lives. This is critical.

2. We need to understand that any limitations that we have are self-imposed and that the opportunities that are available today are available to everyone.

3. Think positively when dealing with problems.

4. Set clearly defined goals. Let your mind dwell on your goals from different angles and it will come up with many possible solutions.

5. We must act decisively when required and when our course is clear. What good are our ideas if we do not act on them?

6. Believe in yourself. Understand that there is nothing to stop you from accomplishing your purpose. Persistence is required for success to be acquired.

Three Barriers to Success

1. Fear. What fear is keeping you from achieving your dreams? Is it a fear of failure? Fear of success? Whenever this fear begins to appear just ask yourself: what’s the worst thing that could happen? Then move forward in confidence knowing that whatever does happen will far outweigh the failure of doing nothing.

2. Not Knowing. Some people use the lack of knowledge as an excuse for not setting goals and becoming successful. Just because you may not know all the details, is no reason to not pursue your dreams. Everyone can make a difference by venturing into the unknown. Set a goal to gain the knowledge that you need to move forward and take control of your life and find success!

3. Negative People. Avoid them! You should associate with others who will encourage you and gets excited with you as you strive to achieve you’re goals and desires. Do you spend more time with goal makers or goal breakers?

Success will take courage and perseverance. Many people start but only successful people finish.

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is to determine what you want. Decide now! Have a goal in mind; work continuously toward your goal and it will one day become reality.

But here’s the catch… You can’t give up!

Copyright 2006 by Joe Rispoli