Discover the Real Secret of Earning More and Working Less

There’s one way that you can quickly and easily start earning more and working less in your business.

That’s by getting someone else to do most of the work.

Maybe you’ve heard all about the power of outsourcing. Certainly many people tried to convince me of its value when I first set up my business.

But, like many business owners, I resisted embracing it.

All the reasons seemed good at the time – I didn’t know how to find people, I thought I could do it better myself and I was reluctant to spend money that didn’t seem necessary.

Yet at the same time, there were not enough hours in the day to do everything that was needed. And I gradually realized that I didn’t even know how to do many of the things that were essential for running a business.

It was only when I simply ran out of time to do everything needed that I began to see the true value of outsourcing. And boy do I regret not doing it sooner.

Why outsource? Here are some of the advantages I’ve discovered: It allows you to focus on your priority tasks; You cut the learning curve by employing an expert; They can probably do the job faster than you; It frees you up to do things you enjoy; Outsourcing can help you get projects making money faster; The outsourcing providers take on some of the risks involved; You get a fresh injection of thinking and creativity into your business.

What can you outsource? You can outsource just about anything you can think of, including: Customer support; Website design and programming; Graphic design; Copywriting for websites, scripts, advertising and eBooks; Accounting; Search engine optimization.

How to outsource Through the Internet, somebody in another part of the world is in a position to help you – probably at a fraction of the cost you’d pay someone around the corner.

The best way to find vendors is to get recommendations from other people. If you can’t get recommendations, try them out yourself with small tasks before you give them anything big or important to do.

There are also several websites such as, and that provide access to outsourcing services.

This is how they generally work: You post details of the project or service you need help with; Vendors or freelancers post responses or bids; You select the vendor most suited to your needs, based on their proposals and on your view of their portfolio of past work; These services are usually free to buyers with the vendor paying a fee to the site when they are awarded the work; You agree payment terms; You keep in touch with them until the project or task is completed.

Of course, there are more like this and you should satisfy yourself that any suppliers you use are suited to your needs.

I certainly recommend the value of outsourcing and the power it can add to your business and your life.