Discover The One True Way To Skyrocket Your Confidence

When all is said and done there is only one way for you to build confidence and that is to just do it. If you want to become more confident at riding a bike you must first learn to ride the bike and then with some more practice your confidence will grow in this area and not the other way round.

A great many people want to have the confidence before they attempt whatever it they want to achieve but unfortunately it doesn’t and cannot work that way.

These type of people are the ones who rarely attempt anything new and therefore live quite an unfulfilled life. They are stuck in a mental paralysis to which there seems to be no escape.

So how do you escape from this mental paralysis? Well there are two ways that you can just do it. The first is to do whatever it is you’re wanting to do despite your fear. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to be apprehensive but it’s not the end of the world so who cares, just do it.

If the goal seems too big for you then chunk it down into small manageable pieces that you feel you can deal with. Attempt to do the easiest piece first to gain a little confidence to enable you to tackle the more daunting chunks.

Then second way to gain confidence is to tackle something unrelated to the task at hand. It must be something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, Something that will push out your boundaries but not something that is so scary that it will paralyze you.

The aim of this is the confidence you gain from pushing your boundaries will permeate throughout the rest of your life improving your confidence on every level. This results in you attempting to do things that before you couldn’t even bear to think about.

This in turn pushes your boundaries further and further. It’s an upward spiral that will be very difficult to break as long you keep on doing things that make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Confidence is just like exercise, you go to the gym three time a week, every week and after a short while you begin to feel the benefit of the exercise. However if you stop for a few months you fitness level starts to decrease.

If you stop doing the things which make you feel uncomfortable you’ll no longer be pushing those boundaries and after a while your comfort zone will start to shrink back to what it once was.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how many tools you have in your mental toolbox for improving your level of confidence you cannot build it without first doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.