Discover The Law of Abundance In Nature

The law of abundance is shown in many ways in nature. Whatever nature needs to prosper can be found when and where it is needed. For example: a rose plant in the wild demonstrates the law of abundance. For 5 or 6 months in a year, the rose lives and remains dormant the rest of the year in a cold climate. During the spring and summer months the rose takes advantage of the sun’s warmth and soft rains and blooms on a continual basis.

And nature takes it course and the plant produces hundreds, if not thousands of blossoms. These blossoms supply nectar for bees and provide seeds for birds, squirrels and other small animals to eat. This eventually leads to thousands of new rose plants scattered across the fields. The rose doesn’t waste energy trying to grow through the snow and ice of winter but uses that time to rest and regenerate.

If you think about it, this same law applies to animals as well – what is needed is supplied when it is needed. A bunny born on an early spring morning, snug and warm in a den with its siblings has its mother to feed and nurture it until it is old enough to step outside in the abundance of fresh green grass, ripening sweet berries and the streams of glistening sunlight. Everything, and I mean everything, that the rabbit needs to thrive is right there in abundance.

But the animal known as human, is often blinded by what it doesn’t have, rather than seeing what it does. The law of abundance is lost behind a veil of want-to-have. Humans cannot accept that what is needed will be available. Humans have a tendency to worry and concern themselves with what they don’t have…. always looking at the wrong things.

We and all nature exists only in the present. We do not live in the past as it no longer exists and neither do we live in the future because it isn’t here yet. That bunny is not worried about winter and that it may have to forage longer and harder. The rabbit eats to its hearts content juicy spring ferns and summer flowers, storing up fat and growing a thick furry coat that will help it naturally get through the winter. Look at it this way… a glass is never half full in nature, it is always overflowing.

Our nature as humans is to be focused on preparing for the future and ignoring the abundance all around us. If we focus on the lack of something, that is exactly what we will receive. Our glass isn’t even half empty, it’s completely empty and will remain so until we start attracting the fullness of life. If we want something we have to ask for it and then fully accept it.