Discover Key Motivation Factors

How many things do we need to be successful at? How many ways can we motivate ourselves to accomplish this success? Every day we push ourselves. Looking for motivation and success?

We connect with our family and friends; connect with our colleagues. There are only so many ways to stretch ourselves. Every time there is a dip in the proverbial cup the need to fill it back up is there.

We think the cup is easier to fill then it was for our ancestors; accomplishing it perhaps less harsh but tedious just the same. There is a history of leaders using motivation to build successful societies. Gathering food to stay alive or clothing their families for warmth. We are as driven as our ancestors.

Our motivation for success is instinctual. Even at the earliest stage of life; infants driven by it to crawl; toddlers driven by it to walk. In the teen years we’re driven by motivation to become successful academically; well, somewhere after the pursuit of finding something on four wheels to leave the nest. As high school and college graduates, the drive cumulates to the ultimate motivation; success through our work.

The road we find ourselves on however is not a straight path in any one direction. Women and men jaunt off in all directions. Responsibilities coupled with the desire to be successful in all we do. Are we successful husbands, wives, parents, co-workers, and friends? Are we motivated enough to continue this success? To get there is the paradox of having and obtaining more motivation to in the end be more successful.

This instinct drives men and women the same. Not in competition; motivation is about something more in the context of survival, or living if you will. Individuals with motivation may be misunderstood. Levels of motivation may differ between two people. Perhaps, as instinct would have it, one individual knows his needs to feed himself alone while another is aware of his needs to feed a family.

It may not be uncommon for individuals to feel in competition. Perhaps it is more that we reevaluate our needs through the observation of others. A personal wakeup call so to speak.

To find what we are looking for, we can either motivate ourselves for personal success; or as our ancestors did in building societies, we can motivate for the success of all. Motivation and success go hand in hand; personally and in a community.

Neither is unique to any one individual, sex, age or culture. It is instinctual; and in the instances where we may forget to use our motivation; success is not lost. Though we can apply our hearts and minds to find our silenced sense of motivation and our success will follow.