Discounted Collectible Dolls

Discounted Collectible Dolls

Dolls are probably something you grew up with as a child. But some are not able to let go and carry this into adulthood. There is nothing wrong with that because you can make a few bucks when you are able to buy discounted collectible dolls from a reputable supplier.

One of the best places to look for discounted collectible dolls is the Internet. This is because there are hundreds of sites available and you can compare and even haggle with some of the owners to get a good price if you buy these in bulk.

In fact, you can even use this medium to sell what you have to potential buyers and use your profits to buy new items.

Before you shop for discounted collectible dolls, you have to know which products are in demand right now. This will assure you that you are able to make a profit from you buy and here are a few.

The number one on the list which has been around for close to 50 years is Barbie. Together with Ken and the accessories that this girl has, you can be sure that people who played with these years ago would love to own them again.

Another favorite is Previous Moments that was released in to the market in the 1970’s. From simple drawings, their products diversified which soon included miniature collectible dolls. You can’t play with them or change their clothes but they are nice to have as d?cor for any room.

If you are into Charlie Brown, then perhaps you should get the collectible dolls by Madame Alexander. Since 1923, this company has been dolls of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Since the outfits are interchangeable, you can make one doll appear in different time periods.

Who cannot forget the Cabbage Patch Kids? What makes this collectible doll unique is that you don’t buy them but rather adopt them. You just have to visit their website because you can’t find this anywhere else.

Who said dolls are not better than the real thing? Lee Middleton dolls are so life like that at times, people mistake for it like a real baby in distress. New collections are added each month so you just have to find out what the market wants and sell this to interested buyers.

Surely, everyone has heard of Hasbro. This toy company gave us GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars and a host of other action figures which caters not only to girls but boys as well. There are so many to choose from that you can already open your own specialty store.

One doll that is giving Barbie a run for her money is Bratz. Although very new in the market, sales have increased over the past 4 years. Since you already know how to take care of collectible dolls, can you imagine how much you can sell this for in the next 20 or 30 years?

Lastly, there is American Girl dolls. What make this unique from the rest is that they are ethnically diverse.

Each of these discounted collectible dolls has something to offer to the consumer. You just have to do some shopping, work on your pricing and take care of them properly so you can get a return on your investment.