Disaster Management Degree – An Emerging Career That Bring You to A Brighter Future

Earthquakes, hurricanes, killer tornados, landslides, large floods and wildfires are among non-routine hazards and emergencies that require emergency management personnel to manage and successfully response to these disasters. Recently years, world community has been challenge with more complex hazards such as Tsunami and terrorist attacks, require well trained disaster management team to respond to the needs of the people and areas affected in a quick and efficient manner. This urgent needs of trained disaster management experts has created a good career opportunities for those who like to choose this field as their career path. If you are the one, then, disaster management degree should be your option to equip yourself with a good knowledge of disaster management and emergencies responses before you jump start your career.

The Scope of Disaster Management

Disaster management scope includes both pre and post disaster event responses. The Pre disaster activities include analysis of disaster risks, back up plan or strategies to reduce the risk to minimum, disaster preparedness planning, conduct public education and training on how to response to the crisis when it happen.

During an emergency, disaster management professionals typically are in charge to coordinate activities between local community agencies, government bodies and relief agencies such as hospital and rescues team to provide the needed supports and material to the victims as quickly as possible.

Projected Career Future

Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that emergency management specialists average earning is around $50K annually. The projected growth on this field from now to year of 2012 is expected to be 28.2%, one of the highest growth rates projected among all other career fields. Hence, if you are interested in disaster management career, it is a good opportunity for you to get start you career now.

Earn a Disaster Management Degree

You will need a strong education background and practical experience to be success in this line. There are many universities or colleges offer disaster management degree programs that cover various majors, which you can choose one that best suit your career goal. If you are a working individual who like to switch career to disaster management or you already involve in this field, but require addition degree to upgrade your career, online disaster management degree program may well should you as you can continue with your current job while manage your time to get a Disaster Management Degree Online.

If you are interested to pursue your degree online, you could search for related online degree programs from these online universities:

* Walden University
* Kaplan University
* Touro University International
* Grand Canyon University
* Jacksonville State University

These are among online universities that offer Disaster Management Degrees cover from associate to bachelor degrees and master to doctorate degrees in various majors. You can send an information request to these universities to get a details information on their disaster management degrees.


Disaster Management Professionals have a wide range of employment options and always in good demand as shown in a high projected growing rate in this field. Hence, it will be your good option to start your career in disaster management and you must qualify for the job with a disaster management degree.