Disadvantages of Using a Broker to Secure Air Ambulance Transportation

If you or someone you love are in need of transportation via air ambulance, you may be confused about where to look to locate such a service. Frequently, patients and families will turn to a broker in order to secure air ambulance services. The use of a broker can help you to locate air ambulance services to meet the needs of the patient, but this is not always the best plan of action.

Using a broker to secure air ambulance travel for a patient can have many disadvantages. It can be wise to take the time to search for air ambulance service on your own whenever possible.

Since the broker is a middle man, he does not own the aircraft, fly the air ambulance, or staff the flight. The broker merely finds an appropriate air ambulance service at the lowest price available. Although this may sound like a great opportunity, it really is not a beneficial situation.

After the broker locates air ambulance transportation, he adds his fee to the final cost.

Using a broker does not ensure a higher level of quality for the patient. In fact, they have no system to analyze quality control for patient care. Dealing directly with the air ambulance service company, the patient can receive the best rate for the service.

Going through a broker to locate air ambulance services will tie your hands and leave the patient unable to deal directly with the service provider. On the other hand, patients who forego the broker can contact the air ambulance service provider directly. This allows the opportunity to discuss any personal questions or concerns. During this stressful time, patients and their families need reassurance. Direct contact between you and the air ambulance company can be very comforting and provide much needed peace of mind about the quality service and medical treatment the patient will receive.

Using a broker to secure adequate air ambulance transportation services is much like using a broker to locate the perfect child care provider for your children. Regardless of the excellent reputation of the service provider, it is important and crucial to have trust and confidence in the service provider for the best results. Yes, the broker will find appropriate services, but will everyone feel confident about the broker’s decision? Making the decision for the best air ambulance service provider through your own resources will add a sense of comfort and assurance.

If the circumstances arise that you or a family member require the services of transportation by air ambulance, you may want to skip the services from a broker and do the legwork yourself. There are several advantages to locating the air ambulance service on your own. Without the use of a broker, direct contact between you and the service provider is useful to answer any questions that may arise.

A sense of confidence arises with the patient and the family during this interaction. Also, dealing directly with the air ambulance service provider can create an opportunity to receive the highest quality service at a great value. Going through a broker merely marks up the cost of such services.

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