Disabled doesn’t mean dependent

God the creator is one but not all his creations are the same. Some can use all their sense organs perfectly but there are many who are not that privileged.

Some people are either born blind or deaf. There are many who cannot speak and some, born with either one hand or one leg. It is this set of people who have been marked, the disabled lot, by the society. It takes little for the society to name them disabled and look at them in the most unusual way but it sinks in hard for the disabled people to see themselves being segregated from the rest. But its high time that society realizes that the people who are disabled are not helpless.

You may help a person cross the road but never make the mistake of thinking that he/she is dependent on you. Time holds several examples where a lot of disabled people are self dependent and going great guns in life. You don’t need to pity them nor do you need to holds their hands. They can do all of it on their own.

In this context, let’s take a look at a very famous scientist Stephen Hawking. He is one of the world’s astro physicists and his contribution to society and the world has been immense. Currently working at the University of Cambridge, this Lucasian Professor of Mathematics is a world famous academic celebrity for his contribution to the field of quantum physics. Elaborate theories on black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity are a few of his contributions that has helped society and the world.

It would be a crime to forget Christopher Reeves when we talk about disabled people and the attitude of society towards them. A very healthy man who had been doing excellently in his profession as a director, producer, writer and so many other things. He was a superman for the world, saving everyone in times of trouble but little could he do to save himself from an accident that confined him for a life to the wheelchair. But loosing faith on life was the last thing that he opted to do. Even until his death Reeves gave hope to all the disabled people around the world and proved himself an icon for them.he became a superman on wheelchair.

Disability in man does not come always by birth. Some are definitely born with a disability but for some it is by accident or due to some medical reasons. However gone are the times when disability left man in a hopeless condition. Society to some extend sympathizes with such people but their sympathies sometimes do not take the positive effect. It infact discourages. Its not a sympathy that a disabled person needs but a support that they are no where behind. They too can be leaders in the walk of life and they can live life normally. Not to forget the very famous American pianist Ray Charles, to whom the world was nothing more than just a mere black board. But his blindness did not stop him from what he want to be. That was the faith that he had in himself and the courage to stand against the society that thought him to be an useless piece.

Knowing about these disabled people doing marvelously in life, it is a lesson for the rest of us that, it is not the look or shape of the person that matters but the will to interact and to make a difference in life. The situation does not matter. The world needs to know that a blind, deaf or a mute is just disabled, not dependent and helpless.
There are many ways in which the world is rising to see the disabled people as any other normal human beings who are capable of doing things on their own. Media has contributed a lot to this sector where there are films and television programs showing the capabilities of disabled people. They do not pity them but just appreciate their efforts and hard work. Why give an empty sympathy? Join force to make a difference in their world.