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Disabling Your Car Alarm

So your viper car alarm system seems to be dying out on you — it goes off at odd moments, even when there is no stimulus, much to the chagrin of your neighbors, it doesn’t go off when it needs to, or it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. What to do?

It appears that your car alarm needs replacing. If you’re worried that keeping it on for longer would eventually test fate and compromise you or your car’s safety, then bring your vehicle to the nearest auto shop right away to have it checked. But, hey, if you’re the type who enjoys, and has a knack for, do-it-yourself projects, then read on.

If your car alarm has a manual, it is likely that it contains step by step instructions on how to install it onto your car. By virtue of common sense, if there are step by step guides on how to install it, there definitely are step by step guides on how to dismantle it.

I bet you’re now scouring the manual looking for these instructions and scratching your head upon the discovery that it’s not in the table of contents. Well, to disable your car alarm, all you need to do is to follow the installation guide in reverse. So much for a guide, huh?

Car alarm systems are meant to be attached to your car so manufacturers definitely will not tell how to get it off. But since you’re insisting to disable it yourself, the above recommendation is your best route.

Did you install the car alarm yourself? Good. Then you won’t have any trouble disabling it. After you have done so, of course, you should bring the car alarm to the auto shop, still, to have it given a once over, unless you’re a car alarm expert and can make accurate diagnoses.

The point of disabling the car alarm yourself is really to evade the extra cost that might be charged by the auto shop. Car alarms are no joke to install and take out, so you might want to reduce your expenses through DIY methods. However, if you have absolutely no idea how to disable the alarm, it would be best to leave the job to the professionals. Trial and error on your part could only cause further damage not just to the alarm, but to some parts of the car, as well.

In conclusion, if you truly want to disable your car alarm your way, get the manual and repeat the installation process backwards. Remember, do this ONLY if you are confident of your success rate; that is, you have some experience disabling and installing car parts. If you don’t, prevent yourself from having to spend a lot more on additional repairs by just going to the professionals and swallowing your pride.

Source: https://positivearticles.com