Directory Submission Approval – Tips for Improved Acceptance

Your search engine ranking benefits from inbound links from other web sites that have a higher search engine ranking than your website does. Links to your website can be generalized by search engines as a vote for your site, this then gives more relevance to those websites with greater longevity, greater authority within your market and more relevance to your market.

Higher search engine rankings are achieved through having more relevant one-way links from authoritative websites. Internet marketing professionals and SEO experts already know the impact of these inbound links on your search engine rankings.

How do you get those high-ranking, market relevant and highly respected websites to link themselves to you? Many internet marketing professionals consider that one way is to submit your web site to other web directories. What is a web directory? Web directories are basically lists of websites that are organized by category and subcategory.

When an internet user is searching for information on a particular subject they often use a directory to access the lists of websites that have the relevant information. Therefore the owners of the websites who want to have their website located would submit their sites to those particular directories. This is not always as simple as it would appear.

The directories that you submit to must be relevant to your business market, you are not going to benefit by listing your website on every single directory that you find, and in many cases if the directory is not relevant to your business you will more likely be rejected which only wastes your valuable time. Try to ensure that the directories which you submit to are relevant and that you submit your website to the correct categories and subcategories within the directories. This can often be a very time consuming exercise but the reward for attention to detail with this in mind will be relevant in the long term. When your website appears on the particular directory you will notice that there will be an increase in flow to your website. From this you will find that other relevant websites will then begin to link to you for the same reason and then you will see that your search engine ranking will improve.

It is very important that you remember that while you are accessing everything over a computer a search engine is an automated process whereas the directories are in fact managed by people. Each submission is checked to ensure that it is relevant to the particular directory and the categories you have chosen are in fact the correct category. If you do not pay attention to the details of the categories and subcategories you use you will find more often than not that you are rejected from the directory which you submitted to and the aim of course is to ensure you are approved.

Therefore you must be very particular in choosing appropriate directories and the information that you provide and which is required for each of the directories. There are some ways that you can be sure that your directory submission is accepted and these are as follows:

a) Do Not Spam. Be very particular and use great thought with the wording that you choose. As stated above, your submission is going to be checked by a person, a human being. Human editors are able to see if something is spam very easily. The submission you place will be reviewed by a human editor and some editors when they see that you are offering up spam will not only reject your submission but they may in fact ensure that you don’t ever have the opportunity to join that directory again.

b) Be Relevant. Owners of directories will rule out random submissions for irrelevant sites almost immediately. It is extremely important that you consider the relevant of your site to the directory you wish to submit to. Make sure that the categories and sub categories are particularly relevant to your site and keep in mind that the human editors see perhaps thousands of site submissions daily and rejecting a submission for them is a much simpler process then accepting.

c) Be Organized. Every directory will have specific requirements for submissions. Many directories will require descriptions from you, generally between 100-250 characters (characters not letters or words), so be specific in as few words as you can about what you are offering. Ensure you have your keyword information relevant and optimized for the listing. Review all the required information before you submit your URL. To organize your keywords put together a list of the words that you think are appropriate and would be used to search for the information you are providing. When you have that list then review it again and shorten it. Pick out the most relevant words for your submission and use those. Having as many words as you can is not considered a benefit by directory editors and may in fact have them rejecting your submission straight away.

Using a manual directory submission service as a marketing tool by building one-way links is an excellent option but it is very time consuming although many consider well worth the effort. If you feel you do not have the time or perhaps the required skills do use this tool to your best advantage you can of course use the services of an SEO expert to do these submissions for you. They can also give you further advice and useful information for how to use directory submissions in your marketing strategy to ultimately increase your profits.