Directing Your Thoughts

Know that once you put your mind to anything – It Is Possible! This does require actually Visualizing, Focusing and Applying (ones self) on whatever you truly desire. (Otherwise, you truly don’t want it or are not willing to stay focused and apply yourself). Even though you can bring about the riches you want in your life from this formless thinking substance (which runs throughout our universe), it is not always going to happen right away.

This takes practice and patience with ones self, but can be accomplished by forming a clear mental image in your minds eye and holding it with unwavering faith that it will come to fruition. Once you have that clear mental image then hold on to it and do not think or speak of it without feeling confident that it is already Yours! Remember, the thinking substance is in everything; while communicating with everything– and able to influence everything.

Yes, we all have downward times, but these can be released by knowing that these are temporary circumstances that will change and drastically improve. There are good times ahead, so think about them! Know that whatever you focus your energy on, you will bring about in your life. You must also be in “vibrational harmony” (one of the Seven Laws of the Universe), feeling good with what you desire for that desire to manifest. Your thoughts control your vibration– which can and will dictate what your are actively Attracting, because the Law of Attraction is Always in effect.

This will manifest in your life by acting in a certain way. This will be provided by the power of the Supreme intelligence. Remember–” It is your Father’s pleasure to give you the kingdom”. He wants you to live in abundance, that being; having all that you can or will use to live your life. He is seeking total expression through all mankind. Never feel bad for or condemn yourself for visualizing and asking largely. Your part is to focus and express these desires and by doing this you are setting it in motion into the universe.

Most people have a hard time with this, as they are retaining part of the old idea that poverty along with self-sacrifice are part of the plan; a necessity of nature. These people believe that a vast majority of humanity must stay poor because there is not enough to go around. People clutch to this idea so much that they are ashamed to ask for more than just enough to get by or to live fairly comfortably. I am here to tell you, this is not the case. But to begin receiving, you must begin with being grateful– grateful for everything in your life. The mental attitude of gratitude pulls the mind into closer contact with the creative energies of the universe, from where the blessings come.

So start releasing all the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs and truly start expecting your hearts desires by again, Asking for them, Visualizing them, Focusing on them, Believing in them and Applying yourself towards them because they can become YOUR reality.

Kindest Regards and to Your Vast Success, Marcy