Direct Mail Marketing in the Mortgage Industry Works

Some say direct mail ‘doesn’t work’ for marketing a mortgage company. But a multi-billion dollar a year industry says otherwise!

I remember a few years ago, when I was mailing a particular sales letter, and getting a 15-times “ad cost” ROI on it.

“That is, for every $1 spent, I was getting $15 back!”

Spend $1 a month, get back $15. Spend $5K a month, get back $75,000.00! A tidy $70,000.00 a month NET PROFIT.

“And it’s as repeatable as the day is long!”

The guy who owns the fulfillment house for that direct mail sales letter told a friend of his about my success with it. My vendor was amazed at the kind of numbers I was doing. He told his friend about it, and his friend said, “direct mail doesn’t work!”

“Some are stubborn. Maybe his friend had tried mailing ‘sales letters’ before, but what did he mail?”

* How did he mail it?
* What did the “copy” say?
* What list did he choose?
* What were his “selects?”
* Bulk or first class?
* What color envelope?
* What size envelope?
* Label or hand-addressed?
* What color stock was the sales letter printed on?
* How was it folded?
* How was it inserted?
* Testimonials or none?
* Multiple methods of response or just one?
* Non-confrontational methods of response, or just a drive to a “sales shark?”

“I’ll tell ya what, don’t nuthin’ work if it’s not done right. Just ask Southern Cal. The devil is in the DETAILS, but so too are all the profits!”

Some call me “the devil.” They spend all their time and energy on being “offended.”

But those who know me best, who REALLY know me…who’ve taken the time to find-out for themselves, live and in-person, they sing a different tune.

“See, way I figure it, all the ‘big boys and girls’ are not bothered by my ‘tell it like it is’ mentality!”

And those who are bothered are folks I wouldn’t want around me anyway!

Folks who are easily distracted away from their goals are never successful. The only folks who win, time and again, are those who are focused upon their goals. They win no matter what.

And no back-biting nay-sayer makes any bit of difference. They win no matter what.