Digging into the iPhone Hardware

Apple introduced iPhone as a device which is distinguished apart from any other phones because of the hardware that was modified to amaze and make people love it’s every angle. To better know the system involving the hardware, it is important to dig into the details of the report. The inner core of the iPhone includes its interface and screen, audio feature, battery, SIM card enabler, storage and other accessories.

Interface and Screen

Screen was made as a nine centimeter liquid display which includes an HVGA touch screen. The glass of the screen was specifically made to be resistant to mild and moderate scratches that may collide with its surface. The screen was created specifically for the fingers out of sensing through multi-touch, meaning no keyboards and clicking through every key just to achieve the desired composition. Because of it having the capacity to be manipulated through multiple fingers, it is a requirement that the device goes bared-skin. A normal glove or styles enables the prevention of conductivity of electricity.

Every input is focused on the screen which has the capacity to understand gestures either simple or complex via its multi-touch. User interface within the device enables the person using it to move any contents through touching and dragging the finger up or down and even left and right. Zooming of pages is one very good application of the interface.

Audio enhanced

Similar to current featured smartphones, the device also has headphones but with an added microphone. Basing on the microphone, there is a button which serves to be multipurpose and can be used to stop, pause or play a particular song. The button can also answer several phone calls and end one and skip music that you don’t like, which all can be done without even touching the phone. Earpieces, wireless in nature, which is supported by Bluetooth application, can communicate with the device and are separately sold although, it does not support stereo audio.

Phone battery

The gadget has a built-in battery which is conveniently rechargeable and is not replaceable, dissimilar to almost several mobile phones existing. Once the battery has reached the end of its life in a premature state, ideally, the phone can be returned to Apple and be replaced for another but must still be within the given warranty time – usually about one to two years from the time of purchase. If the warranty has already expired, one can replace new battery although he or she has to pay for it, shipping charges included.

SIM Card

Originally, the equipment showed its SIM card in an open slot being ejected. For those countries having the gadget, the device is sold with a SIM lock that prevents the use of SIM cards to other networks.


Initially, iPhone was released with 2 options for its internal storage which can either be 8 GB or 4GB. Time came when Apple announced that models having only 4 GB memory are going to be discontinued in its circulation to give way to a more expanded and reliable storage.

Other accessories

Other items and accessories are already included upon purchase of the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Some of the accessories would include headset and microphone, cleaning cloth, dock connector, a USB adapter, and a SIM ejector tool. Some of these are made exclusively for iPhone 3G and some are present in both models.

Source: https://positivearticles.com