Difficulty Involved in Learning Card Games

Cards is an ancient pastime that over the ages has only picked up popularity and fans. During childhood simple games such as War are explained and then used as a learning tools for helping totters appreciate the world of numbers. As people grow up they begin to play more complicated games that rely on strategy and skill to determine outcome. I have surveyed some of the more popular ones and compiled a list of the toughest and the easiest to learn.

List of Easiest Games to Study
1) War:
Here, all the cards are dealt out and each player, in turn, puts down a card from his pack. Note that since the deck in your hand faces the table, you do not see which card you are releasing. Once all the players have placed their respective card down, the highest card wins the round and takes all the cards that are on the table.

2) Spit:
Spit is a game that has always reminded me of high speed Solitaire. The object is to get rid of all your cards as fast as you can. They way you do this is to split a deck of cards in half each player without looking at the cards sets up 6 piles the first pile has 5 cards with the top card turned face up to the last pile that has only 1 card face up.

The 6th pile remains face down and u may not look at those cards either. Each player using then flips over the top card on that pile and place it in the middle of the table, and then only using one hand as fast as you can u must place the cards in order. So if one of the cards is a 5 you can place a 4 or a 6 on top. The player who puts down all his cards first wins. When both players can not put down any cards another card gets flipped over from both players 6th pile.

3) Blackjack:
Each player gets one face-down card and one face-up. He can ask for another and so forth. The goal of the game is to reach a higher total than that of the dealer while the ultimate top is 21. All cards above ten are counted as ten and the ace can be used as one or as eleven.

4) Tossing Cards:
Another game for children, Tossing Cards causes a bundle of laughter and joy with each round you play. The method of playing is elementary. Place a hat or a bucket at a distance and divide all the cards. Then, start tossing a card into the bucket by turns. After each round, move the bucket further and further. Every time someone misses, they must perform an action agreed on by the rest of the players.

List of Most Difficult Games to Learn
1) Mandrake:
With extensive rules intertwined and conditioned to match different circumstances, Mandrake requires intense concentration as well as a highly tuned strategic outlook. All the cards are handed out, and the person with the 2 of Clubs starts. So far it is simple, but now it gets complex. The next player can either place an ace or a three, but these must be either of a different colour or if of the same colour then it must be accompanied by a trump card determined only for that round. The others can use this card or override it by crossing it with two Kings or a Queen and a Jack. There are many more rules, too many too mention here, so just pass over this game if anyone ever suggest teaching it to you.

2) Dragon Poker:
Dragon Poker is not totally unlike poker. Any of the different variations of poker can be used as the base for the game, but the general rules are very different. There are no official rules for dragon poker, they must be thought up and written down by the group of people you are playing with, and it is the duty of each player to memorize the rules, if you forget a rule it goes against you and if someone else does not remember a rule that can hurt you, do not worry you do not have to remind them. The best games have the most rules. An example of a rule can be if the date ends in an odd number and the dealer is wearing a shirt that the color of the shits spelling is an even number, then each player must pay the dealer 100 dollars. This rule can only be used once and whoever is the first to call out the rule during their deal gets it.

3) Baccarat:
Just like in poker, you have to study and memorize the value of certain cards such as that tens and face cards (Jack to King including Ace) are zero. In addition, you need to learn specific rules such as that if you get an eight or nine no more cards are dealt. To conclude, this game is not for beginners.