Different Types of Home-Based Answering Services

Once you have decided to run a home based answering service you will need to decide which types of services to offer your potential clients. The options run well beyond just answering phone calls. Businesses have a wide variety of phone answering needs and your service can be the key to helping both they and you succeed. You would be wise to find out what services are already being offered locally and offer your clients either something unique or do what the others are doing, only better. Your service can range from the simple message taking to providing complete customer service.

Some of your options include:

Incoming call answering during regular business hours or as a back-up for after hours or during the regular secretary’s vacation. A “complete” answering service is one in which the customer believes he or she is calling the business directly and would require you to do some study on your clients business practices. Another type of answering service is one where you not only answer calls, but also take customer orders for the product or service your client offers. There are many companies who utilize this type of service.

Other options include being an appointment setter. In this capacity you would keep track of your client’s schedule and set-up appointments with potential clients that call in. This is like being a remote secretary. The advantages to this type of business are that you don’t have to invest in a fancy wardrobe and you don’t have to worry about the boss flirting with you!

A message delivery service is similar in that it would have you taking incoming calls, but also making calls and delivering messages to both clients and employees. This service would be invaluable to your client and if done correctly would ensure a long and prosperous relationship. You can also specialize in outbound calls that allow you to either set appointments or sell products or services for your clients.

No matter which services you decide to offer there are some basic skills and abilities that you will need to possess. Of course you need to have a pleasant phone voice and good speaking ability. You need to be compassionate and care about both your client and their customers’ needs and feelings. You need to provide top notch customer service, because in today’s world the competition is fierce and only the best will thrive.

By providing your clients with the services that best suit the needs of their business and providing top-notch service in all that you, you will give your business that much needed edge. You may even attract clients that hadn’t previously considered using an answering service, simply by offering services that will make their business run smoothly and more effectively.

What a great feeling to run a business that not only makes money for you, but is instrumental in helping others be successful too. With a little determination and ingenuity you may be able to find an untapped market in the answering service business and ensure yourself success.

Source: https://positivearticles.com