Different Types of Art Poster Auctions

Art poster auctions have continued to increase in popularity over time. Owning a fantastic piece of art poster does not necessarily have to be expensive. What’s more, it has also become a lot easier and more convenient too. You don’t have to score the real thing just to enjoy a great art poster; framing it properly can do you perfectly fine and save you a lot on your money.

Art poster auctions come in many different styles. Recently, the most expensive art poster in abstract sold on EBay was a 1959 Picasso called Les Menines, which went for $560.00. There was also an original and authentic art deco style art poster auction that was created in 1961 and was for Breakfast at Tiffany. It sold for more than three thousand dollars.

Art poster auctions in the World’s Fair seem to perform very well. The 1939 New York World’s Fair featured an interesting design that that sold for over fifteen hundred dollars while the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair auctioned an art poster that went below fifteen hundred dollars.

Asian art poster auction market seems to be in towards odd designs some really odd designs, such as a poster featuring McDonald’s hamburgers conquering Japan. The said poster got a total of fourteen bids from six different people, which closed at four hundred fifty five dollars.

Among the art poster auctions listed in the Impressionist category is a 2006 New Orleans Jazz Festival created by Cajun artist James Michalopulos featuring Fats Domino. The poster, which had strikingly brilliant colors, was sold for more than four hundred dollars.
Art poster auctions in the Realism style are also aplenty. An example is an advertisement for United Airlines depicting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This poster was sold for more than one hundred fifty dollars.

Meanwhile, posters in the Modern art category are considered to have the most number of auction listings. Greyhound travel posters do very well in auctions, with a couple of designs that are already sold. These posters were made in the 1950s and each was sold for about three hundred dollars. However, a poster from Elvis Presley’s movie “Love Me Tender” has continually been listed because there was no interest bidder. The owner of the said poster has determined its starting bid at one thousand dollars and will not go less than that. Up until now, the poster still does not have a buyer.

Advertising posters are also popular in many auctions. You can find advertisements for almost everything you can possibly think of. Examples are the 1920 poster for Russian beer, which sold for four hundred seventy five dollars. This poster would look perfect in a local bar. The poster with the Sante Fe Railroad as a subject is also a prominent seller in many art poster auctions. These usually generate a good number of bids, which probably makes it a great collector’s item. art poster auction for an old, authentic Sante Fe Railroad poster will usually go higher than four hundred dollars. Pop art poster auctions constitute a variety of topics. Moreover, another interesting design is the 1970 advertisement for 7-up soda featuring Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. It was a fascinating find although it did not sell.

One of the most interesting art poster auctions is of rock concerts. A poster was listed for auction featuring the Rolling Stones concert in 1956 and another one was for a Grateful Dead concert in Hawaii. The two posters gained overwhelming response from bidders and was sold with a total of more than seven thousand dollars. Other finds include a poster for a 2000 Phish concert in Hartford created by Jim Pollock and the 1966 Pearl Jam concert in Rome, which was listed by the artist himself.

Art poster auctions can make for a perfect collectible item and jazz up the look of your room. Whether you are the rocker type, the hippie or leaning towards contemporary designs, you can own an art auction of your own too! With so many choices and designs that you can find, the possibilities are endless.