Diet Tips: You Only Pay for the First Bite

You Only Pay for The First Bite

Do you ever eat more than you want because you paid for it and want your money’s worth? How about when you’re already comfortably stuffed, but there are a couple more bites, and you’re in an expensive restaurant? Are you more likely to go ahead and eat it? Come on, admit it. It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Today, consider changing the way you think of buying and paying for food. You are paying for the first bite only. Once you’ve eaten that first bite, the rest is free, so if you don’t want it all, throw the rest away, or if wrap it up for later. If there’s not enough to take it home, leave it. You don’t think you could ever leave food on your plate? Why not? Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technqiues) on those old, outdated beliefs:

“Even though I can’t leave food on my plate, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I can’t waste food, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though my mom always said I shouldn’t waste food, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

I prefer to buy a piece of cake (or two) from a great local bakery, like Rose’s Bakery here in Vancouver, Washington (they’re also in Portland, Oregon). At Rose’s a piece of cake is $5 or more, but it’s worth it, because an entire cake that costs far less will mean I’ll eat four or more pieces over a few days time, so I’m not doing myself any favors by saving money. In fact, the entire cake is going to set me up to get back in the habit of wanting to eat dessert every day.

It’s far better to just enjoy some cake when I’m in the mood, and be done with it. When you want a treat, have a real treat. So, I just decide if I’m willing to pay $5 for a bite of delicious cake. If the answer is yes, then I go get some. If the answer is no, then when I’m in the grocery store looking at that cheaper cake I have to remember, that first bite. Think only of the first bite. Would I pay $5 for one bite of that cheaper cake? Not likely.

Once you get past the belief that you absolutely must eat every single bite, you’ll be free to explore the notion that the first bite is the one that matters. Take that first bite and judge it based on how it tastes, and how much you’re enjoying it in that moment. Savor that first bite, chew it slowly, roll it around, or let it melt. If it were to be your only bite would you want to hurry up and swallow, or would you want to take your time to prolong the experience? I’d like to think I’d take my time. I know when you think you are drowning you’ll gasp for air, but we aren’t starving, and our food supply isn’t in jeopardy so there’s no need to eat like it’s our last meal.

Yes, good food can be expensive but acting like a human garbage can will cost far more in the long run with hospital bills an doctor visits. Eat that first bite and totally enjoy it. Then decide how many more bites you really want.