Diet During Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant, and you’re practically walking on cloud nine thinking about that little bundle of joy you’re going to hold in your arms in nine months time. And except for the frequent bouts of nausea you’re getting, you’re feeling just jim-dandy. Now is the time that you need to think about your diet during pregnancy.

Unlike your carefree days when you wolf down a grease-filled burger and fries from the local diner, or when you could drink your friends under the table, you now have to think about yourself in a responsible manner.

To that end your diet during pregnancy needs to be a healthy one. You need to think about what is best for not only you, but also for your baby. Drinking is out, and so is smoking. You might also want to think about lessening the amount of coffee you consume and maybe even switch to something like an herbal tea that is suitable for pregnant women.

If that fills your head with dread, not to worry, there are other alternatives to living a coffee laden life, and your doctor will be better able to help you with that and with other food or drink substitutions you might need to make.

Your diet during pregnancy is very important and whatever suggestions that your doctor gives you should be looked into very seriously. Most of the time if you have been following a sensible eating plan, there will be very little that you need to change about your present diet.

If there is something however, like letting go of the smokes and the alcohol, you are better off following your doctor’s advice about your diet during pregnancy.

This might be the one time in your life where you feel that you are finally able to indulge yourself without feeling guilty about it – after all, you are “eating for two” – but indulge too much and you might find your weight gain spiraling through the roof instead of making a steady climb.

You will be advised by your doctor as to what a good weight gain is, and to that effect you should adjust accordingly your diet during pregnancy so that you gain weight sensibly. Otherwise you might find that after your have baby that the weight stubbornly refuses to come off, and you will have a harder time of it in the end.

This should be a time of joy for you, and your diet during pregnancy should make your life easier, not harder. The hard work will come later, when you have to stay up nights and soothe your crying baby.