Did You Know that You Can Control High Anxiety with Water?

From time immemorial our ancestors kept telling us that we become what we eat; and highlighted the importance of the connection food has over the way we think. Our diet is crucial to our happiness, to the way we think; to the way we love each other, and so on. In the case of anxiety and depression, there are special diets prescribed to curb high anxiety and depression without the need for medication.

Water and its Role in the Anti High Anxiety Treatment

Water is priceless in many ways. Herbal medicine practitioners advise using regular water to effectively treat high anxiety attacks and other such things. The basics of this simple treatment are that all the hormones need to be boosted to work best; and in order to do so, the body needs to have plenty of water. It seems, that disorders such as anxiety, fear, restlessness, can be greatly helped in just a few days.

The reason why water is so crucial in the treatment of anxiety is that dehydration is an important factor in aggravating anxiety. Keeping the body hydrated will combat a great deal of diseases, not only high anxiety symptoms. The fact that water does play a very important role in combating high anxiety is proved by the ‘hangover depression’ syndrome.

This type of high anxiety is directly caused by alcohol-induced dehydration. As soon as the body gets re-hydrated, the normality of the feelings would be restored. In order to keep the water in the body balanced well, you would need to drink six to eight glasses of water – even more if you can do it, but no less.

The proper water balance in the body will chase off the high anxiety feelings gradually, that you will not really know when they have completely left you. Another advantage of drinking a lot of water is that water also helps to build stamina. Water also removes the acidity caused by the food consumed. By doing so it assures that the stress levels stay very low and hence do not allow high anxiety attacks to occur.

In order to control anxiety you may have to try water therapy. However, ensure that if you go over the regular six to eight glasses, you have your doctor’s permission and that you eat a well balanced diet from all the food groups as well.