Diamond – A Special Gemstone

The diamond is considered to be a very special and rare gemstone. It is formed in an area known as mantle, deep within the earth. Based on scientific evidences, the formation of mantle took place around 4 billion years ago and due to this, diamonds consist of carbon, the oldest element found on earth.

This gemstone is the only material that can scratch another diamond because it is a very hard stone. It not only adheres to grease and wax, but also repels water. Due to this remarkable quality, it does not become difficult to separate diamonds in the process of mining, from other minerals.

Density: As far as atomic weight is concerned, carbon has low weight, but diamonds are very dense, approximately 3.51 grams/cubic centimeter. Diamonds are a result of pressure from 55,000 atmospheres, around 1,400 degree Celsius temperature and millions of years.

Luster and brilliance of diamonds: Besides the prized characteristics, diamonds are famous for the luster and outstanding brilliance. The refractive index of this gemstone is high, similar to other materials of higher density.

When light passes through a diamond, it slows down to 77,000 miles every second and the refractive index, which is 2.42 acts as a good prognosticator of the diamond’s high reflectance level.

In diamonds, the coefficient of dispersion is also very high and when light goes through this stone, it gets separated in a rainbow spectrum. When there is an interaction between the diamond and various light wavelengths, shorter wavelengths bend more as compared to the longer ones and it results in an effect called ‘fire’.

The diamond is also considered to be a very good conductor of thermal energy. Besides some rare instances, diamonds are poor conductors of electricity, but it has outstanding thermal conductivity. If you place diamond on your lips, it will draw the heat away from your body and you will turn cold with its touch.

The place the diamond has earned with its special characteristics has not changed even today. It still enjoys its place among the most extraordinary and celebrated gemstones in nature. Since ages it has represented strength, wealth, admiration and love. Its brilliance is the most important factor that makes a diamond look beautiful.

It is considered the life of this gem. The dazzle is what sets it apart and attracts attention. Diamonds that have a lot of brilliance display explosion of light and add a lot of glamor and beauty to the person wearing it. The ‘cut’ is what the brilliance depends on. If a diamond is not cut properly then it will be just like any other dull stone.

There are many diamond cuts like round, pear shaped, oval, princess or heart shape. A beautifully cut diamond will sparkle the most. Besides the cut, clarity and color also determine the beauty of this precious gemstone. There are many sizes and shapes available in diamonds. The first thing you need to decide on is the shape, when you plan on buying a diamond.

Always remember that the shape is not the cut, these are completely different from each other. Cut is the skill that a craftsman applies to cut facets of the stone. The notion that a bigger diamond would be more expensive is not true.