Diabetic Neuropathy – Taking Care of This Pain in Your Foot

When I went to have my diabetes neuropathy taken care of by an acupuncturist the diagnosis I received changed my thinking about my condition. The path I have chosen seems to be working in my favor. Thank goodness I have found a better way to relieve my pain. More about that a little later.

Do you have diabetes neuropathy?

If you have diabetes there is a good chance you will develop neuropathy. More than half the people that have diabetes get one form of neuropathy.

Do you have diarrhea, stomach aches, vomit often, have constipation frequently or are bloating on a recurrent basis? If you do you may have diabetes neuropathy. Do you have a tingling feeling in your feet and legs? Is walking sometimes a problem because your feet hurt? These are diabetes neuropathy symptoms as well. This nerve damage condition increases as you get older and the longer period of time you have diabetes disease.

Diabetic neuropathy – How many kinds are there?

There are three kinds of diabetic neuropathy, with peripheral neuropathy being the most common. Peripheral reduces capability to sense pain temperature, touch and vibration in distinct areas of your body. If you have peripheral you probably are being affected in the lower parts of your legs and in your feet. Potential problems include ulcers bone and joint defects and infection.

The nerves control the involuntary workings of your body. These include heartbeat, sweating, digestion, urination and some sexual functions. If these are your issues then there may have been some damage to the nerves that control those tasks. Autonomic neuropathy is also very common.

Focal neuropathy affects a single nerve. Usually it is in the foot, thigh or wrist. The single nerve may also effect your eyesight if it is one of the nerves that controls eyesight in your back or chest.

Visiting your health care provider would make sense. You may need a neurological examination or a electromyogram (EMG) to determine what is the problem. Knowing what to treat is part of the treatment.

It has been about two months since I began this new diet to address my neuropathy. The feeling of pain has subsided. I am getting more feeling and a better color to my feet and I think I am on the right track to thwarting this disease. The raw fruits, vegetables and some nuts that I am eating seem to be helping me with this diabetic neuropathy ailment. Since April 17, 2007 I have regimented myself to contain my diet to only fruits, vegetables and some nuts. The key is raw foods, not cooked foods.

Taking care of your diabetes is pretty important. Keep reading in the author’s area to find natural alternatives to conventional medicines to help you fight this killer disease. The Diabetic Warrior has a free MP3 available.