Diabetic Neuropathy Causes and Remedies to Help You Ease the Pain

Diabetes neuropathy has caused me pain in my feet for quite some time. Maybe seven or eight months of tingling in my lower extremities has On occasion I had severe pain. Before my condition got worse I started to reverse the tide after seeing an Acupuncturist who pointed me in the right direction. My course of action is something anyone can do. I will share what worked for me later in this article.

Diabetes neuropathy causes and symptoms.

Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage. Diabetes neuropathy usually appears in your legs and feet. If you have had diabetes for an extended period of time it is likely that you will get neuropathy. Tingling feeling in your limbs will be one of the symptoms of this form of diabetes. Internally, if your organs in your body are disturbed by neurology suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain. You may also be ill with sexual problems, dizziness, weakness and urinary concerns.

Diabetic neuropathy has a few different classes.

There are three kinds of diabetic neuropathy, with peripheral neuropathy being the most common. Peripheral reduces capability to sense pain temperature, touch and vibration in distinct areas of your body. If you have peripheral you probably are being affected in the lower parts of your legs and in your feet. Potential problems include ulcers bone and joint defects and infection.

The nerves control the involuntary workings of your body. These include heartbeat, sweating, digestion, urination and some sexual functions. If these are your issues then there may have been some damage to the nerves that control those tasks. Autonomic neuropathy is also very common.

Focal neuropathy affects a single nerve. Usually it is in the foot, thigh or wrist. The single nerve may also affect your eyesight if it is one of the nerves that control eyesight in your back or chest.

Visiting your health care provider would make sense. You may need a neurological examination or an electromyogram (EMG) to determine what is the problem. Knowing what to treat is part of the treatment.

As I told you in the beginning of this article I am informing you of what has been working for me. My diet has changed to one of all raw foods. When I saw a doctor she told me that I would need to be on this diet for approximately six months. So far I have been eating uncooked fruits, vegetables and some nuts for three weeks as of May 5, 2007. I am experiencing relief. My feet feel and look better. There is less pain and less of a tingling feeling in my lower extremities. Hey, I am getting petty good diversifying salads I am making. I will keep you apprised as to how I am doing with my diet and condition.

Beating diabetes naturally. That’s the ticket. Grab your free information. It is in the author’s area of this article.