Diabetes Disease – Are You Eating too much?

Since I have I have been diagnosed with having diabetes I seem to be more on my toes when it comes to the diabetes disease. That was brilliant. I look at and for circumstances that are of concern for the diabetes community and myself.

Here is what I mean.

Here is a short story. As I was eating my meal I noticed that I was feeling ill. You know how they say that other people are a reflection of you? And when those other people do things that are revolting it is only hideous because you do it yourself. During an April, 2007 lunch I found out what I used to do. This was quite eye opening for me. I thought about this event for many days thereafter. What these women were doing hit me where I lived. But a little more about that later.

As I was enjoying my salad and water I happened to see two rather large ladies enter the eating area near to where I was sitting. Both of these women had huge paper bags filled with food. Before long they started into their meals. This consisted of lots of French fries and some other food items. I could not see what they had brought to their tables because all the food was inside the bags. While I read my paper and downed my salad I looked up at these women to see how they were doing. I could not believe how much food they ate. They must have had at least three large orders of French fries. Yes three large orders.

Now I started to think about the Diabetes disease and me.

How much food is in that bag? Why are they sitting at different tables? I went back to eating my lunch and reading about the New York Rangers, one of my favorite teams. I looked up about 10 to 15 minutes later. I was mesmerized this time as I gawked at these two women once again. There were many food wrappers on their tables and huge plastic soda containers in front of each of them. Still eating what seemed like an endless supply of French fries.

These women were telling my story. This is what I mean.

In my pre diabetic days I would do something’s similar to what those big ladies showed me. Ordering huge amounts of food and then vacuuming the morsels in to my mouth like there was not going to be any more food left on earth. I was compelled to eat as much as I could. In my own crazy way I thought there was some medal or reward for eating as much as I could. It is any wonder as I look back that I was destined to be a diabetic?

There you have my little saga. Call it the diabetes disease portion control saga if you want. My issue has been about product portions. I like to eat when I am going to eat. Fortunately for me I am eating a lot more salads and foods that will help me with my diabetes disease. And eating normal sized meals as well.

Eating sensibly sized meals is part of what I learned about what I need to do to handle my diabetes disease. Controlling your portions will help you beat the diabetes disease. If you are interested in a sound eating plan then listed to what The Diabetes Warrior has to say Go grab his free MP3.