Diabetes Diets – Breaking Down Fences And Focusing On Benefits

It is simple enough to follow any diet for a short period of time but when you are trying to follow a life-long diabetic diet you will discover that there are numerous barriers which will hinder you in your efforts. The key therefore to beginning a diabetic diet is to understand just what the barriers are and to focus your attention on the benefits of your diabetes diet.

The sort of barriers that you might well come across include:

* Culture. Food is very much than simple sustenance and for a lot of us it is also a cultural expression. Fortunately, there are several different ways in which to prepare food and you will discover many superb diabetic cookbooks focusing on food from different cultures.

* Cost. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive, especially when you are buying imported ‘out of season’ products. But do not forget that, as you raise your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, you are also reducing your intake of expensive convenience foods and snack items like potato chips, so that the two will tend to even out.

* Social Pressure. Bringing your family on side ought to be quite simple but it might not be quite so simple to bring others on side. It ought to be simple enough to inform your close friends and wider family about your dietary needs and help to avoid problems at dinner parties and other gatherings where food is served, but there are always going to be times when you find yourself in a social setting and cannot resist trying a piece of home-made gateaux.

Here it is a case of planning ahead and deciding just what you will do before the event. For instance, you might decide to have a small piece of gateaux and simply adjust your diet for the remainder of that day to compensate. Another option could be to decide that it is better to eat before going out or to take your favorite snack along, plus a bit extra for others to try.

* Family. Family members might find it difficult to accept a different diet and they might be less than happy with your ‘alternative’ spaghetti Bolognese. Should this happen your best plan is to simply sit down with the family and talk about your diabetes and just what it means as far as your diet is concerned. In nearly all cases the family will be extremely supportive once they understand your position.

However you decide to deal with these barriers, they need to be faced and overcome. This should not prove too difficult as long as you give it a bit of thought and some effort, but it will also help if you focus your mind on some of the benefits of following your diabetic diet:

* Feeling better. If you do not follow your diet there is a good possibility that you will overeat, or eat the wrong food, raising your blood sugar level and making you feel tired and generally unwell. However, if you stick to your diabetic diet you will feel a lot healthier.

* Lower your risk from low blood sugar levels. We tend to think of diabetes in terms of high blood sugar levels but many diabetes sufferers also experience the problems linked to low blood sugar levels, such as, dizziness, weakness, sweating and irritability, and may even fall into a diabetic coma. Your diabetic diet will help you to follow a regular pattern of eating which will lessen this risk considerably.

* Better weight control. With your diabetic diet you will avoid overeating and eating food which is likely to result in weight gain, permitting you to keep your figure and lowering the risk of developing other health problems like heart disease and stroke.

With the right diabetic diet, plus a bit of exercise, you will discover that it is possible to control your diabetes and live a full and normal life.