Diabetes And The Atkins Diet – All About Diabetes

While there are many diet plans going around these days that will help you lose weight and cut calories, one in particular has good benefits for those who suffer from diabetes, or are borderline diabetics. This diet plan is called the Atkins Diet and it is one of the most popular low carb diets around, and people who have used it have been very successful in meeting their weight loss goals. For diabetics, limiting carbohydrates is one of the most important aspects. The Atkins Diet helps do just that.

Dieting isn’t easy for anyone, and sometimes traditional dieting approaches, such as counting calories just isn’t enough. Of course, every diet should be accompanied by plenty of exercise to make the weight come off faster and stay off. The Atkins Diet teaches dieters how to eat more protein and fat, and limit starches, carbohydrates, and sugars. The Atkins Diet is also a great way to get off that glucose roller coaster, and keep blood sugar levels more constant without the crazy fluctuations.

The Atkins Diet works by strictly limiting carbohydrate intake and increasing protein and fats in the diet. By taking this approach, the body does not have the carbohydrates to burn first, so it burns fat instead. It may seem crazy to some to eat butter and other fats on a diet, but it is really the carbohydrates that keep people from reaching their weight loss goals. The Atkins Diet isn’t just a fad diet scam. It has been around since the early 1970s and even though it is controversial, Atkins Diet books have been and remain to be phenomenal best sellers. In addition to the multitude of weight loss success stories, the Atkins Diet is great for disease prevention, weight loss maintenance, and good health.

Dieters have a number of food options available to them and the amount of food eaten is not restricted, only the types of foods. No refined sugars are allowed, or white potatoes, white rice, or white flour. Meats, cheeses, fats, and proteins are all acceptable food options on the Atkins Diet.

The first two weeks on the Atkins Diet are the most restricted, in which only twenty grams of carbohydrates are allowed (carbs less grams of fiber). Fruits are not allowed and only a few leafy green vegetables. During this period, the change in biochemical activity is supposed to jump start the weight loss mechanism. Many people see significant results during this time frame, which gives them the added encouragement dieters need to continue with the diet and meet their weight loss goals.

Even though many people have had great results with the Atkins Diet, it isn’t for everyone. If you have diabetes, make sure you consult your doctor before the Atkins Diet. Discuss any issues with them and get your questions answered. The Atkins Diet may be what you’re looking for to help you lose the weight and cut the carbohydrates.