Diabetes and Me – How Can You Benefit From What I Did?

Was diabetes inevitable to show up in my life?

It was four years ago. My lifestyle for the most part was about working, working out coming home and watching television. Eating whatever I wanted, as I had done my entire life, was the problem that originated 50 years ago and was still part of my make up about four years ago. My lifestyle is what this article is about. Maybe there is something here for you to benefit from. .

As long as I was taking care of one area of my life I felt I was in good shape. Let me explain. Hey I exercised. So what that I ate the worst foods at one or two in the morning as I watched Sports Center or a movie. I reasoned it out that as long as I exercised my eating could take on a life of its own. And it did. I had no problem devouring a huge bowl of ice cream in the wee small hours of the night. My thinking was the exercising and the eating anything cancelled each other out.

When I was a youngster it was cool to eat a lot of food. I remember never leaving anything on my plate as I was growing up. It was a sin. My father to this day has never left a morsel on his plate as I remember. He could eat one two or three portions of food. As long as it was on his plate he consumed the food. I was close to doing the same thing.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and fries were the staples of the day as I was growing up. Driving into Brooklyn at two in the morning to go to Nathan’s Hot Dog stand was a monthly occurrence my buddies and I would attend to. We would all stuff our faces with hot dogs and fries. The drive back to Newark New Jersey had some very interesting tunes.

A new way to eat was approaching.

Going from someone that loves food and would eat just about anything was something I did not want to give up. As my blood sugar levels increased, I thought that herbs would do the trick to keep the blood sugar number lower. I fought giving up my diet. I had lived with it for a long long time. Denying that I had diabetes allowed me to eat all the foods that I wanted to consume. And because I have been healthy most of my life I thought I could defeat this diabetes by just taking herbs I thought were good for diabetes.

What now that I have diabete?.

My lifestyle has changed. Food which was once of no concern to me is now an ongoing conscious decision in my life. Handling this diabetes disease means reading every label of food I am going to buy. I am much more aware of the foods I eat before and while I am consuming them. I am a big boy and dealing with diabetes is my new challenge.

Diabetes natural solutions are what make sense for me. If dealing with this illness without the use of drugs makes sense to you then listen to the Diabetic Warrior’s free MP3. I have been learning what to eat and what not to eat.