Diabetes and Depression – Could You Be Damaging Yourself More Than You Think?

Isn’t being depressed bad enough? Diabetes can develop if you suffer from depression.

Why can depression cause diabetes?

The hormone cortisol may be the topic. If you are depressed a higher intensity of this hormone can be produced in the body. When more cortisol is secreted insulin sensitivity may be diminished and increase fat deposits.

In the four states of Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina and Maryland 4,681 men and women were tracked with an average age of 73. The Archives of Internal Medicine disclosed the following: In these three scenarios (single bouts of depression, chronic depression and depression that worsened over time) an increased risk of diabetes existed in all three cases.

How can you avoid potential diabetes problems?

First you need to recognize some signs of depression. If you have a few of these symptoms, see a doctor or someone you trust that you can talk to.

You are apathetic about most things. Caring about anything has become a very low priority.
Your have a change in your appetite eating more or less than you used to. Quick weight gains or losses occur.
Your eating habits have changed. You are eating more or you are eating less than you used to. Weight gains and losses are happening rather quickly.
Sleeping has become difficult for you. You cannot get a full nights rest.
You have lots of negative thoughts about yourself. You cannot do anything correctly is your own self evaluation.
You seem to always wake up in a bad mood. Mornings are the worst time of day.
You lack any energy. You feel tired and listless.
You find it very difficult to concentrate as “other thoughts” keep getting in your way. Concentrating on anything is almost impossible.
You have feelings about either doing away with yourself or hurting yourself

Get on the right passageway to better health

Should you have any of these symptoms you can be hurting yourself mentally but you may compound the issue by bringing on type 2 diabetes as well. Let’s break the combination of diabetes and depression by seeing a doctor or joining a support group so you can voice your issues and improve your condition.

Awareness is the first step to gaining a healthier lifestyle. If you have any concerns about diabetes or potential diabetes issues then claim your free ecourse about natural diabetes solutions. It will help you deal with diabetes in a safe and natural way. If you would like to listen to the free MP3 keep reading.