Developing Necessary Skills for Soul and Self

Self-development comes to mind when we consider the process of finding the soul and self. Of course, self-development has components, since we must build self-control and respect of self. We must learn to award self when we demonstrate a strong will to work toward finding self and soul. In addition, we must abandon uncooperative and negative thoughts and actions, which will encumber the process of structuring our character. The requirements to put into practice this process develop, since we see a need for self to free our mind from ego connected tribulations.

The progression of development of the soul and self commences through the process of developing self-control. This progression purges negative thinking. We start to abandon unhealthy practices and thoughts that encourage laziness, greediness, resentment, hatred and covetousness.

By developing self-control, we can feel at ease while enjoying our care, synchronization and considering attitude toward self and others.

It will allot us room for developing unyielding moral character, which assists us through the process of developing positive outlooks on life. We all must build faith for endurance by minimizing our weaknesses while maxing out on our positive goals.

It is essentially necessary that we recognize our flows and continue striving to convert our negative patterns to form positive attributes. We need motivation, which comes from faith building and inner strengths that give us willpower to continue striving to convert our negative patterns both physically and mentally.

This means we must all choose the right course to take. We must discover our methods of learning the soul and self. The soul is our physical strengths, which makes up all our internal and external components. This means to find self we must also recognize our soul, but we must reach inside to discover the needs of humans, i.e. self to realize that we need to develop faith for endurance in order to become a whole.

Soul searching is popular today. It seems everyone is seeking answers for discovering the soul. Since, misconceptions have led many to believe that the soul is our spirit, thus we must set out to find truths, which brings us to discover that the soul is our life force, which comes from our physical makeup. We do not have an internal spirit that dangles in some medium upon death, nor do we have a spirit that extends to heaven upon death. Rather our, breathe of life (soul) exits our body upon death, which means we are conscious of nothing, and we are in a deep resting phase until the resurrection. Of course, we are not focusing on religion, but the evidence in the bible is clear.

Thus, we must abandon misconceptions that have thrown us off course. We can do this by gathering the facts, building faith and building concrete evidence to affirm our convictions.

It is a known fact that “the truth can set you free.” In short, the truth will liberate your soul and mind so that you can easily discover self. It takes great effort on your part, since “faith without works, is dead.” Thus, we must strive consistently in order to find out exactly who we are. Life is too short to recognize the lies that have been told to us. Once more, at what time we push them back in our mind…by doing this we only create misery that emerges from fear, doubt, and so forth. Thus, by finding the truth one can move to learn about himself, since the mind expands, exposing hidden knowledge that helps one to fit the pieces of his puzzle back into place.