Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – (Part II of Gratitude)

In the article, The Power of Gratitude in Conscious Manifestation, I discussed the importance of gratitude in conscious manifestation, as it harmonizes you with the Thinking Substance out of which all things are created. Gratitude is love and brings a sense of completion or letting go, and so being grateful for the things you desire in advance is a great power at becoming magnetic to your desires. The law of Attraction operates within the Thinking Substance, and we can wield it more powerfully the more we harmonize with this creative Substance.

To summarize all the powerful effects of gratitude, these are:

• Puts you in the vibration or energy of your desires fulfilled, making you a stronger point of attraction for their manifestation

• Brings completion in advance, convincing the subconscious mind to deliver this imagined reality (recall that the subconscious mind makes no distinction between the actual and the imagined)

• Dissolves internal resistances that lock in dysfunction and what is not wanted, so that change is made possible

• Confers inner freedom to your being, as you are accepting and a ‘fluid’ energy able to move easily with life

• Speeds up learning so you can move on in life

• Puts you in vibrational harmony with the best outcomes in all situations, so that you’re choosing blessings rather than lessons

• Harmonizes you with the Thinking Substance and the Mind the God, drawing you near to the source of all blessings

• Gives back to the universe so that balance is maintained at all times (leaving you free of involvement to restore balance, i.e. karma)

• Confers wholeness and a state of inner peace, which promotes healing

• As a force of unconditional love, it activates the hidden workings of the cause and effect of love that operate in the universe, which is expressed in life as being in the grace of God

Below is a set of gratitude affirmations that will help you develop an attitude of gratitude, which can accelerate the manifestation cycle for you. These affirmations may be enhanced with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, which is like ‘etheric software’ that contains clearing and rescripting protocols that clears all that stands in the way of integrating an affirmation energetically and awakening to the co-creative power inherent in the divine self and to a deep understanding of our divine right and our responsibility to manifest our life according to our true desires. The Tool enables a person to embody the energy of the affirmation instantaneously, at deep levels of being. It does this by dissolving the back-wash of opposing thoughts, hidden agendas and unmet needs that often underlie affirmations, cleansing the subconscious mind of all memories, programs and patterns that do not support the affirmation, releasing emotional and mental body patterns and programs that support the denial of the affirmation, and infusing the body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideal traits that will support deep integration of the truth of the affirmation. Accelerated manifestation is further enhanced by the creation of an imagination in the auric field that acts as future potential drawing a person to that affirmed reality that has been purified of hidden intent.

Empower your Affirmations to Clear All Resistance
If you would like to get a version of this article that has all the affirmations rendered into trigger statements that will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool for you, you may sign up to the Inner Mastery Tools list on the website, and send an email to the contact email address on the Affirmation Enhancer Tool website, or the Spirituality of Wealth website,, with the subject “Enhance Gratitude affirmations”, as verbal consent. As soon as I get this, I will activate the statements for you so that they are triggers and send you notification. In this manner, you can experience the wonderful clearing and awakening power of this Tool.

Gratitude Affirmations

1. I AM blessed in so many ways and am deeply grateful
2. I AM grateful for my life and growing consciousness within it
3. I AM profoundly grateful for the power granted me to command the formless intelligence all around me.
4. The more grateful I am, the more my soul may live in close touch with God.
5. My soul continuously rejoices and unites with my experience as I engage in gratitude.
6. Gratitude opens the door for my essence to flow through my life, and spirit blessings to pour into all that I choose to create.
7. Gratefulness is how I return energy to the universe for the bounty I am blessed with.
8. The more grateful I am, the more blessed I am.
9. The more grateful I am, the more connected I am to the source and power of creation.
10. I am deeply grateful to the Creator who wants me to thrive in life.
11. I now immerse in gratitude and cultivate it as a habit.
12. In profound gratitude, I am in a harmonious relationship with the formless Substance out of which my life emerges.
13. By my gratitude, I am close to the source of abundance.
14. My subconscious mind is continually finding things that I am grateful for.
15. In my sleep, I am continually fed inspirations to support me to develop a habit of gratitude in life.
16. I am able and willing to embrace all experiences and derive the gifts they hold for me.
17. I am grateful for life hugging me in a perfect reflective way.
18. I release all resistance to any part of my life and accept it all, knowing it is there as ‘love in action’.
19. I release all bitterness, resentment and dissatisfaction that I may see the blessings I’ve missed.
20. In gratitude I am at peace with my life and able to withdraw from non-serving energies and focus wholly on creating wonderful things in great joy and expectancy.
21. In gratitude I am fluid energy able to move easily with life and direct it according to my desires born of love.
22. In gratitude I am inwardly free and unattached to specific outcomes; everything that comes to me is imbued with divine wisdom.
23. With a grateful heart I see opportunities for growth and joy everywhere.
24. My gratitude reaches God and God moves towards me.
25. My gratitude reaches the source of abundance and the source rushes towards me.
26. In gratitude, I love unconditionally and become infinite being with infinite potential.
27. I am capable of doing what I do because others have come before me. I am grateful for the world I see.
28. I engage and enjoy the luminous divine Essence in all who enter my life.
29. I am grateful for all the players in my life. Everyone in my life is “love in action”.
30. I appreciate all people in my life, for each one brings an opportunity for learning to me.
31. I now experience being fully supported by everyone in my life.
32. I am strongly and constantly grateful for all that is in my life.
33. Gratitude keeps me connected to the power of the universe.
34. Gratitude is love, and my heart opens to receive all the blessings coming my way.
35. The grateful mind focuses on the best.
36. I focus on the best in everything and everyone, and the best appears abundantly for me.
37. My life is the image of what I give attention to. What a wonderful experience!
38. I am thinking Substance taking the form of what I think about.
39. I am a lucid dreamer, dreaming wonderful possibilities and potentials.
40. The grateful mind expects the best.
41. I continually expect the best in everything and everyone who enters my life.
42. I am profoundly connected to the source and power of life through the love that I am.
43. I am profoundly connected to the source and power of life through continual gratitude.
44. I breathe in the beauty, abundance and goodness of life; it abounds.
45. I see only abundance and supply all around me; how wonderful to be alive.
46. I am loved my God and in deep gratefulness, I allow myself to take this love in deeply.
47. Before going to sleep, I release all idle thoughts and focus on all my blessings.
48. As I count my blessings, my blessings grow.
49. As I am grateful to others, they are gracious to me.
50. In gratefulness, I give back to the universe and I am fulfilled.
51. Being in gratitude is heavenly.
52. In gratitude I am in harmony with the creative energies of the universe.
53. By continual gratitude, I am open to receiving God’s grace.
54. I am deeply and continuously grateful, and thereby I align to the outcomes of greatest blessing.
55. I am grateful and thereby allow more supply into my life for which to be grateful!
56. I release all concern as to how to feed, clothe, or supply my world, and turn all my thoughts to expressing the love that I am in freedom and joy.
57. The grateful mind expands to embrace even more of the blessings of life—I am continuously grateful and expanding.
58. I dwell only on the best and the blessings, and I become the best, blessed, and a blessing unto others.
59. Faith is born of gratitude; I have faith and am filled with joyous expectancy.
60. I continuously expect great things and am deeply grateful in advance.
61. I am so grateful to be alive!