Developing A Connection : Chinese Medicine

Mind, Spirit and Body and Chinese Medicine

The philosophy of Chinese medicine is based on the idea of connections between the universe and the human body system. The basics for any type of Oriental practice are familiarity with the association between the physical, mental and spiritual being and anyone wanting to learn how these can work together holistically for their health need look no further than Chinese medicine.

Connecting all of the elements in your body for optimum well being is known as Shen and Traditional Chinese medicine is largely based on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete interconnected systems. These systems usually work in balance to maintain the healthy function of the human body. Good health is maintained by taking the concepts of the elements of the universe and incorporating them into how a human system is interconnected to restore any imbalance.

According to the Shen philosophy the first point of focus is the one that is related to waking consciousness and the heart. Under this method everything that is related to heart health is also linked with the awakened consciousness.

Common to Chinese medicine the next part of Shen is associated with the spirit. The spirit is located in the liver and is referred to as the Ethereal Spirit. The soul of the body, also known as the corporeal soul is the next stage of Shen and resides in the lungs of the body. Intellect, or Yi is in the spleen and Will, meaning the urge to do something is in the Kidney.

The idea of this particular system is to combine the elements of the physical with the elements of the mind and the spirit. By doing this, one is able to find the physical elements and work on two approaches to healing a person through physical and spiritual at the same time.

Using Shen, the concept of elements of the universe, one can see how they relate to the universe of the body. Chinese medicine and philosophy is based on combining the mind, spirit and body together and allows one to find a way to become unified within themselves. By learning to combine these, one is able to find the best approaches to healing a person in a holistic method.